Kash Patel Question #3 of #9

Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, & the establishment republicans seems like to be pushing for DeSantis to push Trump out of relevancy. What are your thoughts? 

“Irrelevant politicians relying on a relevant politician to get back in the mainstream space. Paul Ryan is the perfect example of a total failure. This guy was speaker of the house when we lost the house majority. This guy ran for president & lost with Mitt Romney to Barack Obama. 

This guy helped ZERO Republican candidates down ballot this midterm election cycle, and instead sits on the board of Fox & Boeing in his guilded chair & he throws arrows because he’s totally irrelevant, a complete zero, & wants to be back in political life. He’s using the one guy they can, Ron Desantis, & look if it wasn’t Ron, they’d use somebody else. 

Chris Christie, the guy hasn’t held office in years & he never will again, & he’s looking for political relevance so he’s on the MSM getting paid to shout at Donald Trump, who use to be his friend.”