Why did President Trump refer to Ron Desantis as Ron DeSanctimonious?

“I think it’s fine. It’s a political relationship. People highlight the fact that Ron & he’s doing a great job in Florida & he & Rubio had these massive victories, let’s remind people the only reason Ron Desantis is Governor of Florida is because Donald Trump came & saved his race the first time around. 

Same with Marco Rubio, he just asked President Trump just a week & a half ago to go down there to Miami in the pouring rain & campaign for him… and he did just that. 

The fact that no one is talking is that, two years ago, Donald Trump revived 1 million more votes in the state of Florida than Ron Desantis just four days ago.”

To add to that, Ron Desantis only recently cleaned up Florida. 2016, Trump likely got MOAR than one million more votes.