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The Storm Has Arrived 17:

Looks like they really went for the steal in Arizona. They had no choice. If Kari won, she would expose it all, which would lead to exposing the 2020 election. They had too much to risk. They had to go for it all, and they did. 

Kari will fight this. 

President Trump will fight this. 

We will fight this. 

Hang in there.


I very much think that what comes before Trump’s announcement tomorrow is going to be just as or even more important than the actual announcement.

I’m sure the announcement will be fire, as Kash said, but the value of having EVERYONE’S attention tomorrow night cannot be overstated. 

And Trump is gonna cash in on that value.

Man, remember way back like, a month ago, when I shared that the OIG was auditing Ukraine Aid?

And people posted all those vomit reactions to it? 

And I was like, yo, this is a good thing and a big deal, y’all!

Yeah, so… I think I was right.

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Ultra Pepe Lives Matter:

This is a war that Trump is waging against the mainstream media, the establishment, the globalists, the world economic forum, and the Luciferians.

Just because we are tired of the war does not mean it will all magically end in one day. 

We cannot escape this battle no matter how long it may go. 

Although we need a moral victory to boost and propel us forward. 

We cannot give up no matter what happens. To surrender means slavery for our children and their children and that is simply not an option.