No matter what Trump says tonight IT IS PART OF THE PLAN!

Nothing is a surprise to him.

Everything is planned and timed.

If you don’t understand this is the most complicated military operation in history then you will just be riding an emotional roller coaster.

–Joe Lange


November 15, 2022

This is not my prediction but rather my fantasy for tonight.

Trump gets up on stage and opens a box on a table near him.

Pulls out red folders and starts reading the declassified evidence of all their crimes and names the people.

Finished with you know what…..

“My Fellow Americans….

Trump isn’t ever going to lose his supporters.

Won’t happen.

They gonna go back to the side of the enemy?

You see Trump knows more than we do.

He already knows how the elections and everything else is going to be exposed and the timing.

He already knows the outcome and all the disgruntled people not happy after whatever he announces tonight are going to want his face on Mt Rushmore when all of this is said and done.

He isn’t worried a bit about losing support.

It’s about saving the world.

Here’s a simple question to put things in perspective my friends.

Are any of you out there thinking we are actually the minority view in this country?

We aren’t. We are the large majority.

You either believe there’s a plan or you don’t.

It’s really that simple.

Is Trump and our military going to let them get away with this and destroy the country?

Anybody believe that?

Exposing both parties at the same time.

Now that would clean house politically and fast by having all the corruption exposed in DC.

something tells me things are different and this was expected and has been planned out.

If the people themselves in Arizona rise up it will change the whole ball game.

Remember, we already have the evidence.

Nothing can prevent it from being leaked and dripping out to fan the flames of outrage by the people in Arizona.

We do still have an AG in place who everyone is down on and Trump doesn’t seem to be.

He’s another wildcard.

This is the day that God has made!

Hold the line.

Don’t let them depress you.

Nothing has changed.

We’re still winning and the war has already been won.