Garland to appoint special counsel for Trump criminal probes

“Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special prosecutor to oversee criminal matters related to former President Donald Trump, according to a senior Justice Department official.”

Now we’ll hear from Kyle at Just Human

-These are the correct circumstances for a Special Counsel.

-This takes the investigations out of the hands of DC prosecutors.

-Trump has been cooperating with these investigations the entire time. Would he do that if it was about “getting him?”

DOJ is not now and has never been out to “get Trump.” Not now, not ever. The sooner y’all realize this, the sooner you will also realize that they are after the people who plotted the J6 coup AGAINST Trump.

Understanding > Reacting

Stop mistaking the Fake News for Truth and Fact.

We are gonna get months of fake news hit pieces about Special Counsel Smith being “out to get Trump” only for him to arrest the real criminals and exonerate Trump fully.



And here’s Joe Lange weighing in…

Looks to me like this Special Prosecutor is a no nonsense type of guy that specializes in prosecuting corrupt politicians.

If you think the two investigations that he is now going to conduct are actually about Trump, then I could see why you would be worried.

But I know that Trump wasn’t the target of the investigations.

That changes everything, doesn’t it?

I believe what several of us have thought for a long time is actually playing out.

The criminals we want to face justice, will do so under a Garland DOJ.

It’s going to shock a lot of people