The world changed forever for America and her allies.

It felt as though the earth had stopped rotating on its axis.

Today is the 59th anniversary of the JFK assassination and I have found a source who is a lot more reliable than the media morons, politically controlled academics and gas lighting government goobers on the JFK assassination. His name is Texas based JFK researcher MARSHAL EVANS.
Folks, I heartily recommend Marshal Evans’ book JFK: The Reckoning which can easily be found on Amazon. Marshal is a longtime Dallas area JFK assassination researcher and one of the best in the field. Marshal is a personal friend of Robert Groden and was the best man at Groden’s wedding a few years ago. Marshal Evans is one of the most knowledgeable JFK researchers that I have ever met and he knows all about the Texas connections to the JFK assassination.
Marshal for years has been on the Grassy Knoll, selling books and pamphlets and helping to educate thousands of tourists and Marshal is one of the best “on the ground” Texas JFK researchers who knows an endless amount of witnesses and researchers of the JFK assassination.
In 2018 Marshal published JFK: The Reckoning which tackles many issues relating to the JFK assassination and I highly recommend this book.
Dealey Plaza was only half the story of what happened on November 22nd, 1963. There were actually two monumental acts of treason that transpired that day, and only one of them was in Dallas. The other was in the evidence-altering, pre-autopsy surgery which led autopsy witnesses to a wrong conclusion. Long time researcher Marshal Evans, reveals new analysis and discoveries regarding the most horrific event in political US history – the J.F.K. assassination. Evans utilizes original source documents, affidavits, and photos to bring to light the treachery and treason that enveloped the event. He provides new analysis on both the number, and trajectory of shots in Dallas. Utilizing a minute-by-minute timeline, he provides a haunting description of heretofore – unknown treasonous acts, which were for the purpose of altering physical evidence, specifically, the president’s head wounds.Seasoned researchers will enjoy taking the next step in their journey, while being aghast at the details!


Just search for “Marshal Evans JFK The Reckoning” and you will find this gem on Amazon.


Robert Morrow