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“Politicians praise electric cars. If everyone buys them, they say, solar and wind power will replace our need for oil.”

This is so incredibly stupid and asinine! How do such irrational people get elected? Is it only through election fraud, or is the majority of American voters really that foolish and ignorant? Sure, you can run cars on electricity and even that has its problems, but how are you going to power long haul big rig trucks that travel from state to state? The batteries would weigh as much as their cargo, and how are you going to charge the batteries? Charging stations would have to deliver a great deal more current and voltage than even the most powerful car chargers and how much coal and fossil fuel would be needed to power them? 

Aside from that, the time consuming period for the drivers when they are not making any money while they sit idle for hours and hours waiting on the charging could put many out of business. But what if no truck charging stations are near when they find their batteries are running low? This would slow down trucking to a crawl. But beyond the trucks, how do they propose to power trains, jet planes, portable generators, boats and ships at sea,? It’s ludicrous. 

These “green” politicians have got to be the dumbest people on the planet but somehow they have managed to obtain positions of authority as law makers for our country. Maybe they’re not really that stupid but believe their constituents are and they’re probably right. While they preach their deceitful rhetoric it is motivated by the lust for money and power. 

The real foundation underlying this absurd hoax is this: There are billions of $$$$$$ being made in the petroleum industry. These green energy politicians intend to transfer that wealth to their green energy contributors to assure the longevity of their seats in power and enrich themselves with influence peddling, kickbacks and bribes. Their generous pay with perks and amenities for the diminutive and sloppy work they actually do isn’t enough for them, they always want more. 

They are not there to serve the people, they are there to serve themselves to riches and fame regardless of the consequences. Their nightmare of exclusively green energy will not and cannot become a reality, their attempts to make it so would destroy the American way of life – but they don’t care. God did not provide the planet with petroleum to lubricate the continents, He put it there for us to use to better our lives.

Now read what John Stossel has to say about this hoax. – JR

Magic Cars The inconvenient facts about electric cars.

John Stossel, – Featured on RuthfullyYours November 22,2022

Politicians praise electric cars. If everyone buys them, they say, solar and wind power will replace our need for oil.

But that’s absurd.

Here is the rest of my list of “inconvenient facts” about electric cars.

“The future of the auto industry is electric,” says President Joe Biden. He assumes a vast improvement in batteries. Better batteries are crucial because both power plants and cars need to store lots of electric power.

But here’s inconvenient fact 3: Batteries are lousy at storing large amounts of energy.

“Batteries leak, and they don’t hold a lot,” says physicist Mark Mills.

Mills thinks electric cars are great but explains that “oil begins with a huge advantage: 5,000% more energy in it per pound. Electric car batteries weigh 1,000 pounds. Those 1,000 pounds replace just 80 pounds of gasoline.”

But future batteries will be better, I point out.

“Engineers are really good at making things better,” Mills responds, “but they can’t make them better than the laws of physics permit.”

That’s inconvenient fact 4. Miracle batteries powerful enough to replace fossil fuels are a fantasy.

“Because nature is not nice to humans,” explains Mills, “we store energy for when it’s cold or really hot. People who imagine an energy transition want to build windmills and solar panels and store all that energy in batteries. But if you do the arithmetic, you find you’d need to build about a hundred trillion dollars’ worth of batteries to store the same amount of energy that Europe has in storage now for this winter. It would take the world’s battery factories 400 years to manufacture that many batteries.”

Politicians don’t mention that when they promise every car will be electric. They also don’t mention that the electric grid is limited.

This summer, California officials were so worried about blackouts they asked electric vehicle owners to stop charging cars!

Yet today, few of California’s cars are electric. Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered that all new cars must be electric by 2035! Where does he think he’ll get the electricity to power them?

“Roughly speaking, you have to double your electric grid to move the energy out of gasoline into the electric sector,” says Mills. “No one is planning to double the electric grid, so they’ll be rationing.”

Rationing. That means some places will simply turn off some of the power. That’s our final inconvenient fact: We just don’t have enough electricity for all electric cars.

Worse, if (as many activists and politicians propose) we try to get that electricity from 100% renewable sources, the rationing would be deadly.

“Even if you cover the entire continent of the United States with solar panels, you wouldn’t supply half of America’s electricity,” Mills points out.

Even if you added “Washington Monument-sized wind turbines spread over an area six times greater than the state of New York, that wouldn’t be enough.”

This is just math and physics. It’s amazing supposedly responsible people promote impossible fantasies.

“It’s been an extraordinary accomplishment of propaganda,” complains Mills, “almost infantile … distressing because it’s so silly.”

Even if people invent much better cars, wind turbines, solar panels, power lines and batteries, explains Mills, “you’re still drilling things, digging up stuff. You’re still building machines that wear out … It’s not magical transformation.”

Even worse, today politicians make us pay more for energy while forcing us to do things that hurt the environment. Their restrictions on fossil fuels drive people to use fuels that pollute more.

In Europe: “They’re going back to burning coal! What we’ve done is have our energy systems designed by bureaucrats instead of engineers,” complains Mills. “We get worse energy, more expensive energy and higher environmental impacts!”

I like electric cars. But I won’t pretend that driving one makes me some kind of environmental hero.

“There’ll be lots more electric cars in the future,” concludes Mills. “There should be, because that’ll reduce demand for oil, which is a good thing. But when you do the math, to operate a society with 5 or 6 billion people who are living in poverty we can’t imagine, when you want to give them a little of what we have, the energy demands are off the charts big. We’re going to need everything.”

That includes fossil fuels.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. They s add Leo tell us our homes are supposed to convert to all electric. The conversion for a home which is using Natural Gas is estimated to be $25 to $35K per home plus the distribution system will not be able to provide the needed electricity, so yes rationing.
    What a plan!

  2. They are just gonna make it impossible fir people to own cars. You will have to ride the trains to go anywhere, a la Hunger Games

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