Praying Medic explains AZ cert

Cochise County has postponed is certification (canvass) of the 2022 election

What happens next? 

From the Arizona statutes:

16-648. Canvass for state offices, amendments and measures; postponement

A. On the fourth Monday following a general election, the secretary of state, in the presence of the governor and the attorney general, shall canvass all offices for which the nominees filed nominating petitions and papers with the secretary of state pursuant to section 16-311, subsection E.

B. The secretary of state, in the presence of the governor and the chief justice of the supreme court, shall canvass all proposed constitutional amendments and initiated or referred measures, as shown by the certified copies of official canvass received from the several counties, and forthwith certify the result to the governor.

C. If the official canvass of any county has not been received on the fourth Monday following the general election, the canvass shall be postponed from day to day, not to exceed thirty days from the date of the election, until canvasses from all counties are received.

Since Cochise County has delayed certification, the Secretary of State must postpone the canvass (certification) at the state level and cannot complete the state canvass until all counties have completed their canvass. The process is not allowed to take more than 30 days. 

If Cochise County refuses to complete the canvas at the end of 30 days, the state would still not be able to complete is canvass (certify the results) since the official results from all 15 counties must be included in the state certification.


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