Anon attempts to decipher Q drop about DNA

This. Serious stab at decode:

>What is coded in your DNA?

Everything about what makes you what you are. There is much about you that is “pre-programmed”. What we do with what we’re given is up to how we process and react to information, stimuli. Your mind is very powerful in that you can initiate epigenetic expression in ways that can change your appearance and other traits about you over time.

>Who put it there?

If you are a creationist, you believe in intelligent design and perhaps “God” “put” it there.

If you are of the metaphysical or world seeder persuasion, perhaps aliens.

If you are agnostic/atheist, you believe billions of years of proteins evolving in certain circumstances created what’s in your DNA.


The only logical answer to this no matter what your persuasion is, is for the purpose of the furtherance of life.

>Mankind is repressed.

Yes, there’s a buncha asshats in control; we’re very aware of this. That very system keeps everyone “repressed” and distracted from all their true potentials – no matter what your persuasion is.

>We will be repressed no more.

>Information is knowledge.

>Knowledge is power.

>Information is power.

Q wants us digging into the completely mapped human genome. What is it that’s in there that we haven’t talked about? No it’s not the stupid vaccine video removing the hypothetical “God Gene”. It’s something else.

>How do you protect your DNA?

By not getting vaccines or exposing yourself to viruses, bacteria, or parasites that damage your DNA.

>There is a war for your DNA.

Someone wants you keep you repressed.

>Protect your DNA.

Reminder to dig into things that fight “COVID”, and that they also work against the vaccine.


Could be a company, could be a way of thinking about the current situation based on what you find out in regards to the subject matter of the drop.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. Ascension was also mentioned in connection with our DNA by “Bill Wood”, also in connection with special access intelligence programs, that our DNA was altered to keep us from knowledge, understanding, higher mental capabilities (psychic and remote viewing etc) and higher consciousness.

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