“What’s in your bag?” Rachel Chandler

From Bio Clandestine:

I’m seeing this on Twitter, haven’t seen it on Truth or Telegram, but some of the Balenciaga models were carrying fake babies, with baby items, splattered in blood… and carried it inside their Balenciaga bags on stage during the “fashion show”. 

Compound this with the Balenciaga photo shoots with court cases and books in the background pertaining to child pornography, Satanism, occultism, etc., and it’s pretty obvious SOMETHING is going on.

And the lack of outrage from the Left is DEAFENING.

Balenciaga is outright glorifying sex trafficking and child sex slaves. This is what a sex slave looks like. 

They are malnourished, drug addicted, and beaten. The sick elite pedos are sexually aroused by the ultimate degradation of a human. They get off on humiliation and torment.

Rachel Chandler and Balenciaga had a specific type of “model” they looked for. All of them with the same characteristics.

Down the rabbit hole we go.

By Radiopatriot

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    1. Very Disgusting. Don’t know whether to PITY THEM or JUST IGNORE THEM UNTIL THEY AWAKEN FROM THEIR COMAS. this Company should be SHUT DOWN FOR PROMOTING SEXUAL FILTH.

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