Is Twitter revealing the declas info?

@kimberlyrja8 pointed out these drops: 

Drop #1859 —Notice all caps: @s8n zzzzmissuson.png  –>TWITTER ACCOUNTS HOLDS BIG NAMES.

Drop #1223: Public/private #Twitter Accts They ALL have them. –>WE HAVE IT ALL. APRIL 21, 2018

Which means we had access to all of these ELON disclosures in 2018……. 

WHY did #@Jack REALLY leave? 

WHO REALLY took over? And WHEN?

Why did KANYE intentionally just get himself banned? 

Possibly baiting the “HANDLERS”.


I’m still currently convinced that ELON, KANYE & TRUMP are in the process of disclosing what’s been hidden for the entire WORLD to seewith their own eyes.

You can’t just TELL them, you have to SHOW them.”

So. Many. Questions. 👀

DECLAS!  That’s precisely what the Twitter files are.


By Radiopatriot

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