Meghan opens her trap. Again. And gets slammed.

Will she ever learn to keep it shut?

Wow. So self-righteous.

Read the comments below from Telegram readers. They’re vicious. Yikes!

From Daily Mail, the fools paying her for her opinions.

MEGHAN MCCAIN: Musk’s huge Twitter reveal proves Biden put his finger on the scale before the 2020 election. It’s a scandal – and he MUST answer for it

MCCAIN: This sad episode reveals – once again – that Big Tech, which has a stranglehold over speech in America, is ideologically captured by the left and the Democrats.


Karli: No shit, Meghan.

Amy: She is actually admitting to it?

Of course she’s admitted to it, it’s called CYA


Joan: Nothing ever happens to these people no matter what they do

Stef: Shouldn’t she be visiting her dad by now?  😬

Stephanie: It’s not the only thing that was on a scale in the Biden house…ayyyyyoooo…

Beth: Lol isnt her mom an ambassador for joe?

Geri: Really ? Now your coming to the table ?

Kim: And her mothers fingerprints are all over it in Arizona.
Yup!! She went after Kari Lake.

Tensleep: What a piece of crap.  She now is sounding off. Go crawl back in your hole

Gena “MamaGMoney”: She is as worthless as her traitorous father! They all have the morals of a snail 🐌 none with the same sense of direction…Actually that gives a bad name to snails!

Mick Petersen: Answer for it? No… he must be arrested for treason.

KB: 🐀s, scurrying

Barbara: We want prosecution

Sandy: Well Hello did someone wake up?

DeLaIsla: Meg there pretending to be a conservative by clutching her imaginary pearls.

Emma: Watch out! She might try and eat you!!

Vincen: More like both his hands and the fingers of his family (his son hunter)

Kathy: Why we didn’t see is her saying anything when it was happening? Was she against Trump being banned from big tech platforms? I think not.

Shannon: She’s a 🤡

TXKITKAT: Of all people …. Really ?

Richard: Meghan’s a self-serving bag of excrement just like her old man.

Chris: Isn’t that how your daddy kept getting back in office?

Sam: I am pretty sure the Blue Anons will soon say Elon is working for Trump. To make sure he gets back to the office.

Cyril: Surely Uncle Joe didn’t do anything wrong, Meghan?!  I’d bet good money that she voted for this criminal,  treasonous POS! STFU now, you spiteful, Trump hating bitch.

Christy: No shit Sherlock. Why would anybody even ask her opinion at this point? Nobody cares about a McCain

Dawn: Apparently she’s not happy with how her father’s handlers are handling things these days

Dan: Bitch shut up. You got what you wanted.

J C: Your dad was a traitor who begged and pissed himself before meeting his maker.  Work harder and you can become as big as a fat bitch as Chris Christie.

Kelly: Megan McCain is a bottom feeding, knuckle dragging RINO shit bag… 🖕🏼

Dena: I’m sick of media letting her weigh in with her stupid opinions. She backed her criminal father up.

Mercy: No shit Sherlock.  She’s such a moron.

Kelly: That pile of shit McCain, her family is absolutely responsible for the complete cluster fucking vote rape in Arizona.

RP: What the hell is she going to say when all the dirt on her father “Daddy Dearest” comes out. Big mouth needs to go crawl into a hole and disappear.

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