What is Loxism?

πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†For what reason did Q tell you to learn about the bloodlines of the Cabal families? 

What did you learn about these top Cabal families when you researched them?

How seriously do they take the maintenance of their own bloodlines?

Why do the Cabal families hide behind a fake Jewish identity? 

How do constant appeals to their fake Jewish identity protect them and their activity in the shadows from being exposed? 

What are the advantages of deflecting all exposure with claims of anti-Semitism?

COMMENT: Khazarian Jews?

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  1. I was tapped by the Holy Spirit to study the cult behind all the symbols, back through human history and forward again. But, I never got the answer to where the Canaanites went. I figured that they melded into other polytheistic cultures. Until this: https://rumble.com/vc3bz9-the-sequel-to-the-fall-of-the-cabal-part-1-2020.html
    Then, the reasons why Jews-Benjamites were removed from towns and nations became clear. Revelation 2:9, Those who say they are Jews but are not. And, some Jews willingly with them. But, most didn’t realize and don’t realize it. Yet, they are still blamed.
    I pray people will awaken to this truth, as well.

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