It just doesn’t get any more shady than this

Remember last night I introduced you to a military vet who calls himself Rattletrap1776?

Well, he has more info on his Telegram channel today that you might find interesting. For example:

Be careful following “Podcasters” who bash or trash others on “shows.”

This is a MASSIVE Military Operation. It’s not about followers or shows.

God sent me as a messenger. I’m simply giving you the people the tools to take:

Law of War Manual

Military Justice Act


The Constitution 

The Declaration of Independence 

Executive Orders from 2017-Jan 2021

Acts from 2017-Jan 2021

Federal Law


That ALL form a Blueprint to navigate with many events that took place from 2016 to present day. 

And once you learn those, you’ll be able to see the Optics in everything.

Don’t put your faith in any one man. 

Read the facts and put the puzzle together. 

People with facts don’t have time to put others down 💯🇺🇸

It just doesn’t get anymore 🕶️ than this…

So, both parties raised hell over “Biden’s” $802 billion proposal…

This is a MUST-PASS Bill… but signing it… eliminates the Vaccine Mandate within 30 DAYS 😎 

Not signing it means Defense Budget isn’t passed ☠️🕶️

So, if “Biden” proposed $802 Billion… and both parties gave him heat for it… 

Why is the proposal $847 Billion? 

👉🏻 45 Billion more ☠️🇺🇸


The ending to the Military Operation is going to be EPIC 😎☠️🇺🇸

By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot

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