Where did all the people go?

Nancy Drew is a frequent poster on Telegram. She walks the streets of D.C., shooting video of what’s going on in the nation’s capitol. Today, she posted this:

“These are the 3 main drags in DC. Many of our Govt buildings, and all of the Museums reside on them.

Prior to “C” these streets would be absolutely packed with cars, an insane amount of traffic, the sidewalks swarmed with people, and lines at the food trucks during lunch time. It was a hustle bustle district. I wouldn’t even come here, it was that chaotic.

The plandemic is over, and yet this city is empty, most buildings, a ghost town. Where is everyone? If this Govt was up and running, like usual, it would not look this way. The swamp was very deep. Patriots are in complete control.”

By Radiopatriot

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