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Joe Lange:

I think this plan is actually incredible in its massive global scale with all the moving parts.

I’ve believed for a long time that most players involved on the enemy side know what’s coming and have no power to stop it

I believe people are wildly underestimating how much of what we are witnessing is actually planned and timed.

It’s more like watching a movie than people realize

Trump needed him (Lindsey Graham) for one important job. To make sure his SC justices were confirmed.

Remember, the enemy threw everything they had at Kavanaugh and it was Lindsey Graham who stood up to all of it and pushed him through.

Trump uses people in key positions.

Carrot or the stick approach

Ryan was forced out.

Trump could do the same thing to McCarthy but he hasn’t.

McCarthy is leveraged and will do exactly what Trump wants in my opinion just like McConnell


It’s the only way they can keep the media narrative going that Trump is a crook and his supporters are terrorists

They have to keep feeding their left wing lemmings


I’ve been writing a new Substack article that takes a lot of research and the more I write the bigger the web becomes to write about.


When McConnell focuses on the massive increased military spending…..that’s the key.

Trump wants it for very good reasons I’ll have to explain later

I can actually make a case for why McConnell is pushing this omnibus bill and why Trump wants it but most peace (sic) [people?] won’t accept it


I think the happy Christmas comments by Trump refer to the Kari Lake lawsuit next week.

It kicks things off.



👇👇👇any thoughts as to why German military aircraft are in our skies?

Look for yourself… press U at top upper field to see military and not commercial flights👇

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