Charlie Kirk

“Zelenskyy is the perfect person for DC. Barely can speak English, an actor, and totally corrupt.”

“Congress will give a standing ovation to this punk, a foreign welfare queen, but not our own border patrol.”

“If you speak in front of Congress you should wear a suit and tie. I don’t care if you are a CIA plant.”

“We are grateful for [the United States’] support, but it is not enough. It is a hint — it is not enough.” 


“Remember, Zelenskyy is an actor. Instead of a suit and tie for his White House visit, he’s wearing an army fatigue colored sweater and cargo pants. The costume just hits better when you’re in the middle of a multi-billion-dollar shakedown of American taxpayers.”

“Senate Republicans need to demand the Omnibus bill be read word for word on the Senate floor.  Delay the process, and ruin Mitch’s Christmas the way he’s trying to ruin America’s.”

“While the nearly $2 trillion Omnibus continues to leave our border wide open, it does include massive spending to secure the borders of Jordan, Nepal, Lebanon, Eygpt, Tunisia, Oman, and Pakistan.”


“Senate Republicans deserve to be a minority.”

“Senate Republicans truly do hate their voters.”

“Congress shouldn’t allocate a single red cent to the CIA or FBI until every classified document about JFK’s Assassination has been released.”

“Senate Republicans may be ignoring the border, but they’re apparently fine with another $3.5 million for the House Diversity and Inclusion office. For Republicans wondering why millions of Trump 2020 voters didn’t turn out in November, you can start by looking there.”

Senate GOP is poised to pass a $2 trillion Omnibus which includes:

– $45 billion to Ukraine

– $7.5 million in LGBTQ programs

– J6 prosecution funding

– 7500 special interest earmarks 

– 3000 pages 

– No border security 

Who needs Democrats when you have Republicans like these?”

And the cherry on top?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Addresses Joint Meeting of Congress tonight.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky delivers an address before a joint meeting of Congress.

The welfare child Zelensky is addressing congress

Watch party.

Political Moonshine breaks it all down in under eight minutes:…-obama-clin.html?mref=1vds3&mc=6dumt

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