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Spitballer “Gary Fisher Amigo con fe” wrote this before turning in last night:

In 2 Samuel chapters 13-17 we read of King David leaving Jerusalem because his son Absalom and his men were going to effect a coup against David. David went into hiding, but first he sent two of his trusted friends back to Jerusalem to serve Absalom, but really as infiltrators (spies) so that they could send messages to David through covert messengers about Absalom’s plans, so David could be kept safe. 

We see that deception was used to “know your enemy” and their plans. 

Even back then it was a battle for the narrative, getting the public on your side, information gathering and disinformation given to confound the opposition. We see so many parallels from this story compared to our current situation. It is so similar. 


In this battle Lord, let us hear of the enemies’s plans so that we may always be ahead of them and know how to counter attack. Protect our leaders and give them wisdom as they fight for us, the people. 

In the end, David returned to Jerusalem as rightful King, so we pray that since President Trump also had to leave Washington because of a coup attempt, that we also will have our rightful President return to his seat of power and leadership. 

To the glory of your name with thanksgiving, Amen.

Nice way to end his day. A nice thought to begin ours.

By Radiopatriot

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