We were all told…

… by authority figures they [we] TRUSTED that they [we] needed to do all these things to be good citizens doing their [our] important thing as part of a noble community effort.

When The Awful Truth hits them that there WAS no noble community effort, that they were instead being deceived and manipulated into harming themselves AND THEIR OWN CHILDREN, some of them are going to have a very real crisis experience.

And then they’re going to become EXCEEDINGLY ANGRY at those who misled them.

–Brian Cates

We didn’t take the shots.


We didn’t vaccinate our kids.


We didn’t shut down our businesses and watch them die because they were told this was what they had to do.


The amount of grief and fury these people are going to feel is real.

They were HAD by these snakes on a deeply personal level many of us were not.

They will carry the effects of the betrayal for all their lives.

If they’re still here.

Many of the Doubting Thomas’ are about to awaken.

We, who already awake, some of us for many years now, believed the evidence already seen. We didn’t need any more.

But millions are still slumbering and like Doubting Thomas, they’re gonna have to put their hands in His side and in the nail wounds before they realize the Awful Truth.

What’s about to happen is for THEM, not for us.

We have to be ready to guide them through a difficult transition period.

This is our mission.

If the people who engineered the virus and then hyped up the world into mass lockdowns by selling an inordinate level of fear to launch their Great Reset are the SAME PEOPLE who developed, pushed and profited from the VACCINES that they introduced to combat the virus they created…

what LOGICAL conclusion are you led to?

And this all starts with that first domino falling.

Once truth discovered will lead the world to the next one, like night follows day.

The next domino to fall after the first one will be WHY Fauci & Co. invested so much of their time, resources and efforts into hiding the C-19 virus’ true origins.

What was their MOTIVE for deceiving the world about it?

What BENEFIT did they gain by making this false narrative the official position on where COVID came from?

What TRACKS were they trying to cover up and hide?

Where would those TRACKS lead if someone followed them?

Who created the virus & why? To use the pandemic for what?

When the First Big Lie that Fauci & Co. sold the world gets utterly exposed by uncontestable internal Twitter documentation, that COVID was engineered in a lab with research that Fauci & Co. were paying for & hiding from oversight, and the world sees the extent to which Fauci & his goon squad went to cover up the truth, what will happen next will look like a row of dominoes tumbling over as all their OTHER lies quickly begin to be exposed.

Drip drip drip FLOOD.

See, LEGALLY, **nothing** prevented Musk from doing what he’s done with the Twitter Files drops.

As the owner and CEO, he can do pretty much whatever he wants with the company’s internal records [as long as he makes certain privacy and legally required redactions to the documents before he releases them publicly].

If they could **legally** stop him from making these disclosures, they would have by now.

They can’t.

And they’re shitting bricks watching this unfold.

But if someone BOUGHT Twitter in a hostile takeover and became the NEW OWNER, that person would own all Twitter’s internal records.

All the company emails, internal Slack messages, DM’s stored on the servers, etc.

Sure it would take YEARS for subpoenas and FOIA requests to pry any of these Twitter Files drops from the US gov’t end, the FBI, CIA, DHS, etc. Assuming anybody even wanted to pursue that.

But on the Twitter end?

The owner owns it all. It’s all company records. Not classified.

Twitter was their Achilles heel.

Someone likely spotted this years ago.

That the cabal was using Twitter as a one-stop-messaging-and-narrative-control shop for every single psy-op they’ve been running on the world, and especially on the American public.

Understand: if the FBI/CIA/DHS/DOJ or whoever could prevent Musk from dropping all this stuff, they’d have already done that.

Their usual method of covering stuff up is to CLASSIFY it.


You know why most Congressional investigations don’t go anywhere or lead to anything?

Because Congress isn’t a law enforcement body. They can’t force the crooks to hand over documents. At best all they can do is make referrals to the DOJ to try to get the DOJ to do something for them.

This won’t go like the usual Congressional FISHING EXPEDITION.

This **starts** with the Congress having had the documentary evidence dropped into the public’s lap.

They’ll start already having the evidence.

There will be no years long investigations and endless FOIA requests and subpoenas that lead to legal wrangling in the courts for YEARS to get this evidence to surface.

When the Congressional investigations happen, Senators and House Reps won’t be working off of guesses and trying to trick witnesses into making admissions.

That’s what’s so revolutionary about what’s happening.


Understand: there’s a BIG DIFFERENCE between ‘knowing’ or ‘suspecting’ Fauci and his evil crew were working hand-in-glove at iron-fisted narrative control on the news/social media on COVID origins…and READING THE EMAILS and communications in black and white documentary evidence laying out the deception and the censorship.

“Knowing” something & $5 will get you a $5 latte at Starbucks. In a courtroom ‘knowing’ = shit.

For trials & investigations you need EVIDENCE.

Musk has the EVIDENCE.

It’s not an accident that the Big Brother Fake News Media Blue Check Mafia on Twitter engaged in a coordinated effort to doxx Musk and his families real-time location **after** he began foreshadowing what he is going to drop in the first release of the Fauci Files.

That first MASSIVE lie Fauci & Co. sold the public in January and February of 2020 gets exposed, there’s no going back.

The question would have to be asked & answered:


THIS is why in all of his tweets about Fauci, Musk keeps bringing up ONE MAIN ISSUE: the gain-of-function research.

The issue that proves that from the very beginning, by mid-January of 2020, Fauci, Collins, Daszak, Birx, all the entrenched medial agency authorities inside the US gov’t – working in conjunction with the intelligence community behind and embedded within the news & the social media corporations – committed themselves to selling a FALSE NARRATIVE to the world on COVID origins.

It’s understandable that a lot of people would want Musk to skip everything that came before the vaccines and just start with the vaccines.

But he has to establish a foundation of facts first.

And the very first Big Lie that Fauci & his evil crew sold the world was that the virus was NOT of human origin, it did NOT come out of the WIV, and NOBODY at NIH or NIAID or any other US gov’t agency paid for any gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses there.

THAT foundation MUST go first.

Elon Musk is now playing a central role in The Great Awakening.

He’s using his newfound influence as Twitter owner/CEO to red-pill millions who until just 2 months ago, were cut off from any non-cabal-controlled information sources.

Musk continues to prepare the ground for the earth-shattering revelation of The Fauci Files:

The incontrovertible evidence that the C-19 virus was engineered & came out of the Wuhan lab in China – & how Fauci & Co. covered it up with Twitter’s help.

The result of this strange appearance and his bombastic over the top personality and statements led the elitists to come to one conclusion about Donald J. Trump:

This man is a CLOWN and you cannot take him seriously.

This definitely had an impact on the 2016 election.

Right up till the point he beat Hillary, the DC political class just could not take him as a legitimate threat.

However it wasn’t until OBAMA WAS IN THE WHITE HOUSE that we got the full blown obvious orange tan lines with the white spaces around his eyes and the outrageous wavy hairstyle.

2009 is when Trump seemed to suddenly become a parody of himself.

I’m far from the only one who noticed the striking change in Trump’s appearance that occurred between 1984 and 1986.

NBC News did a story on it years ago, although they focused more on Trump’s transition from being ‘just’ a real estate magnate to being a sports owner/casino operator and TV personality.


This is Donald Trump in 1984.

No Orange Tan, no weird hairstyle.

This is before he adopted the persona of The Donald.

“You left US to become one of THEM!” is just about the worst thing one of these so called elites can say to another.

I’m still convinced Trump never really was one of them. That he was preparing himself to expose all of this from the time he adopted his Alpha Male Orange Tan Outrageous Hair persona in the mid-1980’s.

Elon was until he got a massive red pill when he saw how the woke mind virus turned his child into a confused & lost trans person.

The hatred for people like Trump or Elon has to be understood in this context.

They were once viewed as loyal members of the tribe. And then they left it in very public ways.

This is viewed as a very real BETRAYAL.

Trump goes from partying with the Clintons & top Democrats to running against & beating Hillary while he’s red pilling millions of former Democrats who are bolting from the tribe.

Elon goes from accepting wokeness to becoming one of it’s most artful & effective opponents.

The whole point of the ‘woke mind virus’ was to program entire societies of people to never utilize logic & common sense and instead to adopt their beliefs based on herd mentality and an adherence to tribalism based on authority figures who make fiat pronouncements that can’t be questioned.

Teach people to base their entire self image/identity on their inclusion in the herd or tribe. Leaving it become unthinkable, the act of a traitor.

Understanding this explains a lot when you see it.

Remember that Nunes actually reposted this clip of Andrew Tate explaining Satanism and why [they] openly display their symbolism to the masses. 

This is the truth about Satanism. He explains it in such a clear and concise way. 

Either he’s controlled opposition, which is definitely possible, or he’s hitting too close to home for their comfort.

By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist Twitter.com/RadioPatriot * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot

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