Just Human’s take on McCarthy’s bid for speakership

“Rep. Kevin McCarthy is hands down the BEST choice for Speaker of the House since Newt Gingrich and should serve in that role.

I’m serious. 

And I am in agreement with Trump on this one. 

Y’all should pause and think on why others are working against Trump’s pick for Speaker? Smells a bit swampy to me…”

From CNN:

“House Republicans have been debating whether to reinstate an arcane rule that would empower any member to bring up a vote to oust a sitting speaker at any time. For McCarthy’s backers, the so-called motion to vacate the speaker’s chair is seen as something that could be used by the right flank to hamstring his ability to lead the conference and effectively govern.

In one separate breakthrough, however, McCarthy did say he was open to moving forward with a committee that would investigate federal government activity and look into political partisanship at agencies, such as the FBI and the Justice Department.”

From Roll call:

“A small faction of “never Kevin” Republicans is threatening to ensure McCarthy is denied the 218 votes needed to win the speaker’s election. But a larger group of Republicans who have pledged to vote for “only Kevin” are making clear they won’t support any other returning members of Congress for the role. 

The two positions are seemingly irreconcilable, and members on both sides of the intra-party standoff predict the speaker’s election will require multiple ballots for the first time since 1923.”


Just Human:

“There’s a real risk here that because of people applying a purity test to the Speakership, wanting someone who is great at 30secs soundbites, who plays well to MAGA, wanting someone who in reality can’t get the votes to win, that Dems and RINOs are able to elect someone far FAR less desirable than McCarthy and the GOP’s control of the House is undone within the first couple weeks. 

Lotta people are playing checkers on this one. 

The vote is this Tuesday.

2023 is going to be wild.

I’m looking forward to it. 

: )

Happy New Year to all!”

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Newt Gingrich is a RINO which is to say a Democrat with a R by his name. Trump is either wrong or expects us to know better. He cannot lay all his cards on the table face up.

  2. As much as I dislike McCarthy the milquetoast, I wonder if this is another time where you have to choose your battles.

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