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In-order-to state an opinion not in line with mainstream narrative, the ‘cover and camouflage’ of Religion was required. I had to appear sane enough to present information, and insane enough to not be taken as a significant threat. (2/25)

Like most people, I could not help but feel something was significantly wrong. I dove down the ‘rabbit hole’. (3/25)

As stated, it is unlikely there was anyone in the U.S. military who was better positioned to see the onset in Real-Time. By matter-of-fact, the numbers were not real. (4/25)

There are sources for everything, but don’t take my word for it or dismiss it before you do your own research. (5/25)

What was so important to the Democrats that they had to get rid of Trump? It was never about party politics. Plenty of Republicans are also compromised. (6/25)

How deep in bed with China are they Really? Are China and the Democratic Party still two separate entities? (7/25)

China had a 100% positive outcome if they influenced the American election, and a high chance of decline if they did not unseat

@realDonaldTrump (8/25)

The approval authority for this appeal was the Surgeon General and appeal authority was the Deputy Secretary of the Army, both Appointed by Joseph R. Biden. (9/25)

Let me be clear, this is not an endorsement of Trump, nor am I releasing this as a call for any extreme action. I only ask that our Military still in uniform finds the personal courage to honor their Oaths. (10/25)

Every Commander in the Chain-of-command that saw this request + supporting enclosures had a duty to start an investigation, not on the assumption I am correct but based on the accusation. At no time did I receive any feedback, refutation, nor confirmation of my concerns. (11/25)

If there was an official investigation, I was never informed of one as is required by regulation. There was a mere suggestion that this had been forwarded to ‘appropriate authorities’. I must wonder if those authorities include the FBI, the CIA, the State Department. (12/25)

The fact is we know that multiple three-letter agencies have shown an overwhelming bias, media has proven over-whelming bias, and the military’s system of checks and balances failed to take a verifiable threat to national security serious. (13/25)

We should probably ask


to look into the Democrat silencing of this first enclosure. The same people who shut down #HunterBidensLaptop had the same means when this was released… (14/25)

It requires two people to lie, one to tell it and one to accept it as the truth; the American decline only stops when we stop swallowing the lies. (15/25)

Note that this is not just glancing association. The


has started an investigation into the Biden family’s Chinese and Ukrainian Money schemes:… (16/25)

If you’re here because of $XRP, yes, this ties in. BRICS (China) backed-Dems are the higher power pushing the SEC to prevent $XRP adoption in the U.S. Gary was HRC’s CFO, MIT Prof, SBF Laundering connected. (17/25)

Hunter and Joe shared bank accounts. Hunter working with Big Oil and Bio-Labs in Ukraine, while joe took 10% ownership in Chinese Energy. Still wondering why gas is expensive again? (18/25)

In fact, as stated earlier, Biden’s farce election is what prompted the invasion of Ukraine. His ties to Ukraine were as much of an immediate threat to Russia as they are to us now. (19/25)

Perhaps the Party of Slavery that started the first Civil War, founded the KKK and Planned Parenthood, rescued and empowered Nazi’s in Operation Paperclip, assassinated JFK and MLK and now founds terrorist organizations like Antifa was never interested in “We The People”. (20/25)

Have I said too much? Taken liberties? I have barely scratched the surface. Wait until you learn what was well known by the government about the bloodlines from Paperclip. (21/25)

Wait until you learn the truth about Liberia, ISIS, Iraq and Afghanistan. (22/25)

If you are an American, I am sorry to shatter the bubble of those who were unaware, this is no longer (if it ever was) the country you believe it to be. (23/25)

What I ask of you is to spread not this information but the desire to find the truth. My doubts in this government were so great that I chose to throw away 16 years of my commitment to the Army just so I could tell you this. (24/25)

There are an additional 53 pages to this report. I will be posting more in the coming days and months. I do not know 100% that I am correct, but I’ve given 16 years of my life, I want more than a biased dismissal of facts. (25/25)

By Radiopatriot

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