The way it should be done.

Gaetz is bang on. Notice the controlled op conservatives on the left & right.

“Is that good for the country?” 

Total gaslighting.

This is why the godless commies deploy so much power in primaries to smash legit patriots.

Could you imagine the same strength of position (no McCarthy) but voiced through a Christian with courage?

This is why we build. This is going to take a looooong time.

— Jarrin Jackson, Telegram

Listen to Gaetz earlier today — as Bannon said, “Hitting his mark.”

By Radiopatriot

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  1. There is a time and place for everything. Noe is not the time of place to destroy the only person bedides Trump for selfish purpose. If not for McCarthy Pelosi would still be Speaker. You give him the position he earned and ley him fall on his oen sword or succeed.

    1. That’s retarded logic for the sole purpose of “theatre”. McCarthy has done NOTHING for this country except block or outright ignore the Republican ideology while supporting others to do the same, all the way. He’s already ‘fallen on his sword’ and you want to see it, again??? McCarthy is no Nancy Pelosi. She stands and fights for her party, viciously. If McCarthy had that kind of loyalty, he would already be Speaker. Don’t get it twisted.

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