Gaetz: “I ran out of things I could even imagine to ask for,” when I asked why why he flipped his vote to present.

Spit Ball

Get your popcorn!

We are literally watching a movie.

First let me apologize to Matt Gaetz and company.

I was wrong about their motives and especially Gaetz.

He played his role brilliantly.

What changed my mind?

I knew McCarthy would become speaker because Trump wanted him to be speaker.

I also knew it would happen before the weekend.

Seeing MTG sitting with Gaetz and having a good time was a tell sign that made me think there was more happening than I originally thought.

I knew Trump was in control but I had no idea how much control.

I can’t remember how many times I’ve said that Trump was in more control than people realize but I was clearly fooled on this one and wrong about what was happening and what was coming.

Going into Friday I had a hope that somehow it would end in the 17th round because that would be a great confirmation that Trump is in control and that this whole fight over the speakership was part of the plan.

But Q did one better.

You won’t get much better than a proof like post 497.

If you don’t believe Q is part of a military intelligence operation and we are fighting an insurgency then maybe this will convince you that there not only is a plan but that we are in far more control than most realize.

There are no coincidences.

The vote for speaker, instead of being adjourned for the weekend, went late. As a matter of fact, it went a little past midnight which is very significant.

Except there are multiple meanings for things in drops and it’s hard to ignore the fact they pushed the vote just past midnight to give him victory on January 7 which is a five year delta for this post highlighting the word win which Trump used several times referring to this vote and it ended in the 15 round.

No coincidences 

What are the odds?


Trump posted encouragement for the process and also encouraged electing McCarthy.

He said he would do a “good” job as speaker and maybe a Great job.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Just past midnight on January 7th.

This mind blowing Q post is a “five year delta” and notice this post was just past 10pm and that is the time that the 14 round vote was scheduled to take place.

Q !UW.yye1fxo





Just past midnight on January 7 McCarthy becomes speaker.

Trump said he would make a “good” speaker.


Trump also encouraged the Republicans to take the [win] in his latest posts.



Round 15.

Throw in that Bob Good of Virginia voted present along with others instead of opposing McCarthy which gave McCarthy a smaller vote total needed to win and you have a great performance.

A [win]\[win]


In round [15]

We all did get a win/win.

Trump got the speaker he wanted and we also got concessions that will change how the House does business.

It’s exactly what Trump wanted and was executed brilliantly.

Drawing out the attention of the population for the final act that in the end showed everyone celebrating.

Trump winning and unifying us again at the same time.

Simply brilliant!

The House is set on a new path. Trust the plan.

Investigations are about to commence that will open the eyes of the population and force the media to cover it.

Trump has used the word Great several times this past week in reference to the vote for speaker.

The Great Awakening is about to go into overdrive in my opinion.

I believe the market is still going to crash. We have yet to see the panic selling and it will happen while Biden is in the White House so he gets the blame.

I still think the thing to watch is the global financial news especially the BRICS and the dollar losing it’s reserve currency status. 

My view is you want to own gold and silver or do what I’m doing which is owning good quality gold and silver mining companies that are in good safe jurisdictions.

That’s why they keep spending trillions in Congress. They are borrowing every single dollar and the interest rate is astronomical.

The central banks are trapped and we will take them all down with us which is why central banks broke a record last quarter in gold purchases.

It’s the only real risk asset on the planet and always has been.

Response to Joe’s opinion from “Eddie” at Just Human Chat on Telegram:

Beautiful Spitball Joe!

Thank you for that. Enjoyed it very much. Your predictions, whether on target or not is always appreciated and your post analysis to certain “events” is always spot on. I also got very little sleep, but my late night was well worth it…

That said, I can honestly say I was on board with Matt Gaetz during this “show” right from the beginning. I have always liked him, but my respect for him now jumps another level or two. He was indeed brilliant in his role. We need a bulldog and a boat rocker in Congress and he fits that bill to a T. His smug looks don’t bother me a bit and I love how he takes the slings and arrows from the media while looking them straight in the eye. He will not allow himself to be bullied and he will not cave under duress. There is no question a desired outcome was needed in our quest to get McCarthy over the hump, but major concessions needed to happen first which means McCarthy needed to submit to many demands.

Gaetz and Co. won this standoff with flying colors. He most likely got us everything “we” wanted and needed in order give us strength, power and influence in a Congress where we are perceived to have only a razor thin majority. Gaetz stood his ground as he became the straw that stirs the drink…and drink we did!

TRUMP’S directing of the Show was absolute PERFECTION and he obviously knew what the outcome would be long before we did. Nobody is going to out strategize The Boss, nobody. The man can conduct and direct like no other. God bless him.

I have to say, that Q Delta at the end of this “Show of Shows” which gave us a glimpse of this eventual outcome a full 5 full years ago was icing on the cake.

Once again, News unlocks the map, future proves past. This was a Q proof if there ever was one. What a fitting finale to this amazing event. Too bad the normies have no idea what actually went down, but we do. This was for Anons, Truthers and Ultra-MAGA bad asses. In other words…us. 

I have only one more thing to say…

Bravo! Fkn’ Bravo!


By Radiopatriot

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