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Here we go… As background, the Sussmann case identified four individuals, Rodney Joffe, David Dagon, Manos Antonakakis, and April Lorenzen. They had alleged a secret communications channel existed between Trump and Putin by way of Alfa Bank…


The data and allegations have been alleged by the CIA/FBI/prominent independent analysts to be manipulated, not technically feasible, or fraud.

They force-fed it through multiple channels to the media, the FBI, CIA, largely with the help of Clinton operatives & Fusion GPS


The FBI wanted to interview the alleged author of the white paper, David Dagon of @GeorgiaTech in Oct 2016 but were rebuffed by FBI leadership. 

So how would you feel if some of these same cyber researchers had gone on to help SCO Mueller and did the DNC hack attribution? 


And how would you feel if this sketchy Alfa bank story, a sketchy Yota phone allegation, and their other work on a political smear campaign were approved and sanctioned by @GeorgiaTech as part of their OFFICIAL responsibilities? 


Because that is exactly what happened. 


It was @ProfMJCleveland in the spring that was first getting emails showing they had some relationship to Mueller & the DNC hack. 

Somehow, DARPA was involved. 

So @JerryDunleavy reached out to DARPA, who denied approving any work on the DNC hack attribution or use of DARPA resources on Alfa Bank allegations. 


But more recently while in exile I learned that @GeorgiaTech had paid over $100,000 for the legal expenses of Manos Antonakakis. After taking an immunity deal, David Dagon’s situation was complicated, he requested payment from the Attorney General’s office @Georgia_AG 


And the Georgia AG’s office, through some negotiation, offered a payment cap of $200,000. This was a bit of a problem, because Dagon’s legal fees run into many hundreds of thousands of dollars. So he threatened to sue the State of Georgia. 


He and his lawyer hired a new lawyer, the FORMER Attorney General of the State of Georgia, and he arued all of this was sanctioned in their official responsibilities. But his letter(s) were quite informative:


“It was for the benefit of @GeorgiaTech” he notes, that Dagon/Antonakakis did research on the DNC hack, Fancy Bear, Alfa Allegations, and Yota Phone allegations that alleged @realDonaldTrump was carrying a Yota phone, insinuating a secret communications ability to Russia.


We also get some clarity on @DARPA‘s role, even if it’s unsettling. They were sending their analysis “via DARPA” to the Department of Justice and SCO Mueller. Now, why would they do that? And why would THIS group of cyber researchers be part of all of this? 


Their analysis of “communications traffic” and the hack of the DNC presumably means, much of their work is sequestered as Grand Jury material in the indictment filed by Mueller against the 12 GRU agents.

Hopefully @RepThomasMassie @JamesComer will be subpoenaing that.


But I also want to revisit @GeorgiaTech, who gave implicit confirmation that they approved this work by paying legal fees, but the actual documentation on their approvals is thus far elusive after roughly 40 Open Records Requests. 


If anything, their initial response was lukewarm to skeptical, with @GeorgiaTech‘s Chief Counsel of Employment/Litigation saying “…the work was not part of his GT duties”: 


Now I just have to go off the documents I have seen [thousands of pages], but I don’t know the conversations that were had. 

Seemingly, this argument from Dagon was a turning point that brought @GeorgiaTech from skeptical to supportive [support me or you lose too]: 


Going to end this thread here, but I have several more to do, and I’ll try to do the second thread today. 

I’m finally back! I’m free!!!


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  1. IF I have a 40,000 foot view of what is going on, Just Human has a 100,000 foot view! What a researcher!

    1. I agree that Just Human (Kyle) is an amazing researcher, especially when it comes to court documents — his ability to parse thru legalese is truly a skill. However, in this post, the work was not his.

      “Undead Foia” is the original researcher who uncovered and reported the content of what you read in the thread. Just Human was smart enough to find it and repost it on his site, where I grabbed it and reposted it here.

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