More fun at Holly Hobby

Or Wobbly Hobby, or Holly Lobby… oh, whatever.

My sister and I saw the same items similarly displayed at Holly Hobby (Hobby Lobby???) in the Fall of 2021. We rearranged the letters to spell:


Lucky for me, I didn’t have to spell the name of the store.

Good one!

Wonder how many shoppers will get its meaning?

I’m betting 10%.

Hey! Look what you can make with just a few letters and a little imagination!

And here we have the…


Winnah winnah,

chicken dinnah!

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Bonjour, depuis le début je me fais charrier avec les initiales JB et la lettre du prénom de mon ami F.. Il ne manque plus que la lettre de son nom Z comme “Zorro”.. Je vais finir par croire que les coïncidence cela n’existe pas..

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