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Two thoughts. 1. It was the NARA OIG who made the initial referral for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago raid which set that whole situation in motion. Both of the current active Special Counsels appear to have initially started due to NARA’s Office of the Inspector General referrals.

2. Why was Biden’s team looking for these in the first place and why disclose what they found? Biden comes from the same corrupt tree as Hillary “bleach-bit” Clinton. These people don’t willingly disclose their crimes. Something forced Biden’s hand IMO (more on this later).

Back to the timeline: 11/9/22: (day after midterms) FBI conducts an assessment on whether classified info was mishandled. Knowing what we know about our FBI, it’s surprising they allowed it to move forward from there.

11/14/22: Garland assigned Attorney Lausch to conduct initial investigation on whether a special counsel is needed.

11/18/22: Garland names Jack Smith as Special Counsel investigating Trump (Including his handling of classified docs). THIS IS BIG. Did Garland establish the Jack Smith Special Counsel, BECAUSE he knew one was likely coming against Biden too? Was this his way of running cover?

12/20/22: Biden’s counsel tells Lausch they found MORE classified docs in Biden’s garage. It’s noteworthy that at this point, there still hasn’t been a peep from anybody that Biden was being investigated for his handling of classified material. No Leaks…. Yet

1/5/23: Lausch advises Garland that he should set up a Special Counsel. “In the days since,” Garland appoints Robert Hur as Special Counsel. This is an important date. It is at this time that Biden’s AG knows he will have to establish a SC against Biden. So naturally…

1/10/23: CBS breaks story of Classified Docs at Penn Biden Center. The Biden administration knew the Special Counsel was coming, so in order to get ahead of the story, it was leaked to the MSM to control the narrative “wHaT tRumP diD wAs WoRse!”


Some Questions… Why was Biden’s team actually looking for these documents in the first place? I’m not convinced that on a whim and out of their “high moral and ethical standards” they decided to go document searching just in case…

I’m also not convinced that they would willingly disclose finding such documents and admit to wrongdoing. They could have simply burned the documents upon finding, and we’d be none the wiser. That is what I would expect from the Biden Crime Family. Instead, here we are.

We are missing a puzzle piece. Something forced them to not only go searching for these documents but also to disclose them to the authorities. What could force their hand like this? Was/is there a separate investigation going on that knew Biden had these docs?

My final question as stated above… Did Garland Establish the Jack Smith Special Counsel, because he knew there would be one coming against Biden. He established the Jack Smith SC just 4 days after assigning Lausch to investigate whether a SC was needed against Biden… End

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