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Almost every Sunday night at 9p ET I click on to “DEFECTED” which is an online 2-hour live podcast that is uploaded and accessible in perpetuity thereafter on several platforms, Rumble being my choice.

Below is an embedded link so you can watch it right here. If you have a problem with the stream, it could be because you haven’t signed up on Rumble, which is a quick and painless procedure.

Tonight’s podcast begins at 9 with about 15 minutes (more or less) of music, followed by host Kyle of Just Human and “Burning Bright,” a self-described writer/author of books, who just this last week revealed himself in human form on camera.

“Just Human” Kyle wrote:

Burning Bright and I will have much to discuss tonight on Defected. 

Probably a dram of scotch to sip, too. 

See y’all there!

Tonight’s Topics…

“Investigation Nightmare”

‘There is only one way to say that Biden is innocent, and that is for Obama to announce, “I told Joe he could take the documents.” However, if Obama makes that announcement, he has conceded, and all the Dems will be forced to concede, that a president can declassify documents simply by walking them out of the White House or authorizing someone else to do so.

In other words, to exonerate Biden, Obama must also exonerate Trump from the disgraceful, deeply (criminally?) dishonest charge leveled against Trump. I get a real kick imagining Obama sitting in the lavishly decorated office of one of his three luxury homes, cursing to himself that you can always trust Joe Biden to “F” things up.’

EFECTED Epi 10 – Sun 9:00 PM ET –

Defected will see Burning Bright and Just Human attempt to take a Macro view of current events through the prism of Narrative Warfare, Game Theory and Fifth-Gen Strategy to help viewers escape [their] system of control and learn to program their own minds.

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