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👇👇Q drop on monster…

It says:

Stage being set.

That’s what I believe 2023 is going to be according to the Counterinsurgency guide.

2023 will set the stage for the justice we all are waiting for.

–Joe Lange

— Then justice 2024? —

That’s what it looks like to me and if Trump needs to be off the stage while it happens like I believe he does….then the target for justice in my mind is end of 2023/ early 2024 and Trump might just be waiting to run again in 2024 with no more cheating in elections.

He’ll be the only president to win 50 states.

It’s a possibility and things seem to be pointing that direction.

Trump is waging 5D warfare and deception is required.

People lose sight of that and don’t try to look beyond the headlines in the daily news that a lot of us our side purposely putting out there for a narrative.

Trump is fine with everyone thinking he hates McConnell. It’s all part of the Art of War

It’s theatre. Nominate McCarthy, then require him to hold to some MAGA principles before putting him in. I don’t think McCarthy is ALL bad, but ALL of DC is dysfunctional because of the swamp, and the swamp controls many otherwise good conservatives. 

So now MAGA has a little bit of control in Congress. That’s actually a massive breakthrough.  Enough? Not for an instant swamp draining, but it IS a crack in the dam.  I think McCarthy is in on it, not surprised that this is happening. “I had to concede to their demands”. 

The public doesn’t want him, which puts EVERY congressman in the hot seat.  “Explain to your constituents why you went against us.”  It’s going to take a lot more than where they are now to make every day conservatives happy with McCarthy.  Get to work boys and girls! You work for us. (Something long forgotten in DC)

None of us are insiders and know the details or timing. We’re all spitballing.

We have to always reassess our views when newer information is made available.

I have no doubt that all of the election fraud will be exposed BEFORE Trump runs again.

Exposing it is the whole point of what we’re going through and Trump already knows this.

We don’t know the details or the timing.

Our military is moving into a much smaller more lethal fighting force that instead of using the best technology to map a given battlefield done by aircraft now, will become a battlefield mapped out and coordinated in space. We are at an advantage for a reason and must stay that way to ensure peace worldwide.

Right now we use advanced technology in planes that map and coordinate any given battlefield around the globe.

We are building a system where we can map and coordinate our forces anywhere in the world from space.

We are ahead of everyone in this game and Trump will ensure peace around the world like nobody ever imagined just 6 years ago.

Trump wasn’t kidding when he said “The Best is Yet To Come!”

Actually Trump is going to drain the global swamp and it’s already happening.

It started the moment he was sworn in.

By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist Twitter.com/RadioPatriot * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot

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  1. 2024! What about 2026! I can’t wait for 2028. That’s the year. We will then have Declass in 2030.

    This is getting ridiculous.

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