Did Q predict what’s coming?

Does this five-year Q delta (Jan. 24, 2018) tell us what is likely to happen on (Jan 24, 2023)?

Related (taken from a comment on Telegram):

…on MSNBC this morning (Morning Joe show) he said (about the Biden docs) that this “drip drip” is getting ridiculous or embarrassing.

And there’s a delta drop tomorrow that says “Slow drip > Flood

… and …

Psycho Joe is pissed off at Biden today 😆

“Why are there so many classified documents at the Penn Center?! Why are there classified documents in his garage?! Why are there classified documents in his home?!”

You know it’s over for Sleepy Joe when MSDNC is turning on him. Should be an interesting few weeks/months ahead.” — TheStormHasArrived17



Based on the screenshot of a post by Awakened Outlaw featured in X22 Report Ep. 2936b RE the Trump return/End of Q op – Jan 2025.

If we use this suggested +6 with Q drop 1 about the arrest of Hillary, maybe it could happen in 2023. 

The first post says ‘Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM – 8:30 AM EST on Monday – the morning on Oct 30, 2017.’


So if we add +6 years that brings us to Oct 30 2023

Also the year 2023 is the only year that October 30th lands on a Monday… which matches the first Q post.

So from Oct 2023  – Jan 2025 – I believe we will see that PATRIOTS ARE IN CONTROL and could see the arrests of HRC and Renegade late 2023/24 (public).

So that means we could be only 9 months away from Q’s 1st post confirming to the public that Q op is legit. 

I believe HRC never stopped running and Biden was just a placeholder until her return.

I believe International Military Tribunals will happen in 2024 to pave the way for a Trump return Jan 2025


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  1. I am reasonably confident that this is the most clever way I have ever seen in kicking the fan down the road.

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