Never trust a politician with thin lips

An old adage that often proves true…

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Nope, never, she crapped on her state over the flag debacle and crapped on Trump after he had given her a great ambassador assignment. She hasn’t earned the right.

  2. President Trump brought Nikki Haley into a position of honor and the beginning of power because she had potential and spoke well; she then turned on him and insulted him and everything he stood for which was ALL OF US AND OUR WORTHY CONCERNS.
    Nikki had to step back because of her lack of respect to President Trump, and lost ours in the process. She has now hung around waiting for a chance to… do what? She has already shown she is two-faced and power hungry. Once again, here she comes, not to be of help to anyone of us, and especially not to support the ONE she owes her existence to, but to promote herself.
    Just my opinion, but what has she done lately, but lay in wait. She runs hot, but then real, real cold.

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