Walk on the beach

… and garden chores have me whipped.

As Momma used to say, “Tomorrow is another day.”

And so it is. Goodnight, patriots!

By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist Twitter.com/RadioPatriot * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


  1. Thank you for keeping us informed, You are a true Patriot. May God Bless You!
    Welcome Back to our Sunshine State.

  2. Please relax and forget those “garden chores”…. they will be there waiting for you in March…. You and your Beach are beautiful! Welcome back Home!

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