MSM lying. Again.

Of course, the memo went out say Trump did it too- Biden has the state of the union, and he’s got China balloon fragments all over his face” 🤣 – Karli Bonné, Midnight Rider

The Gateway Pundit reports…

Fake News Plays Cleanup: Says China Spy Balloons Flew Over US During Trump Years – Trump Officials Deny Reports (VIDEO)

The fake news is hoping to convince Americans that these China spy balloons cross the US all the time. In fact, fake news insisted that this happened during the Trump years – three times.

On Sunday morning a FOX News reporter pushed back on these claims. She spoke with John Bolton, Ric Grenell, Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper, and others who said they had never heard of this happening. And if it did, they were not notified – which is just as bad.

Jack Posobiec:

“Lol they are really running with the ‘Trump did it too’ narrative when they don’t have even one photo, video from the ground, local media reports, etc of any balloons

Everyone would remember this had it happened 

Great litmus test for who can spot propaganda and who guzzles it”

Kash Patel

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Silly to think the US mil wouldn’t have seen and disabled it early on. Pay attention to what was happening while we were all preoccupied and fuming over this bit of hot air. Look here! Not there…

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