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By Radiopatriot

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  1. I like Tulsi much better than Haley but doubt I would vote for Tulsi. I am impressed by her military service and how easy it seems for her to talk to the public. Don’t know her stance on many issues but she strikes me as very intelligent, having fought for the country is huge. Women would vote for her just because she would be the first female president but that’s not enough. And we don’t want to see those votes taken from Trump if in fact he does run. (NO to Haley)

    1. I understand you liking Tulsi, she knows how to play her military record and deliver herself. But, I have some caution with her and her last comments, she is pro choice and no school vouchers, no ID to vote anti fracking and drilling, pro UN and NATO, anti foreign tariffs, for removing Confederate monuments, for mail in voting,anti Confederate flag, no Alaska drilling, for buy back guns, thought the 2020 election was fair, For Universal,income, she is basically a liberal socialist. And there is more,

  2. I don’t think we will have an election in 2024. But if we do, all the contenders will be wiped out in the primary. Trump won’t lose again.

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