Chaotic Tranquility

by AbsoluteTruth1776, FEB 19

Finding Bliss Amongst the Chaos In The Great Awakening

Hello again, frens! Thank you as always for joining me. I’m beginning to get more comfortable with Substack, and your support so far has really floored me. 

This article is something that has been on my mind for quite some time. I just never could find quite the right way to convey the myriad thoughts that were running through my brain and colliding all at once. Thus creating fractured and broken thoughts as opposed to tangible words that could then be transcribed. 

The world? Well. It’s pretty damn scary right now. We have the ever looming..and growing threat of WWIII. We have an obvious traitor occupying the White House. We have a chemical disaster of epic proportions mounting in Ohio. We have inflation, varying psyops of differing degrees in a quest for narrative control. We have skyrocketing crime. We have legitimate Anti-American organizations attacking our beloved country and frothing at the mouth while doing so. 

We have “sudden” and “coincidental” deaths happening with more frequency. We have Satanic rituals now being performed in the open for all to see. It is no longer hidden what, and who these people are. They are sick. They are evil. And they want you to know it. Furthermore, they want you to know exactly what master they serve. 

In a world in which a constant cycle of soul draining and morale beating news is always on tap, it can be nearly impossible to find ways to see the light through the darkness. It can seem a futile effort at times, to be honest. Trust me, I know. 

Sure, I could rely on more “news” to try and lift my spirits. And sometimes I do. I can’t lie and say that reading an article about 300+ Human Traffickers being busted didn’t make me smile. I can’t say it doesn’t make me smile to know that every day that passes and with every action he takes, Biden looks even more weak and feckless. Both domestically, and globally. I can’t even come close to saying it doesn’t make me smile to see so many people waking up – regardless of the pain involved along the way. 

And that kind of brings me to a larger point of this article. And that is, we are at war. That isn’t hyperbole. There is a literal war going on for every single heart and mind on earth. There is a spiritual war going on for every single soul on earth. It is a multi-front war – One in which we are all being called into battle. As with any war, there is collateral damage and it is never pretty. 

What is happening now is historic, whether or not we can all see it. What we are seeing now is a tidal wave bucking against the cabal for the first time in modern human history. There are going to be a lot of valleys and ditches in this process. There is going to be a lot of darkness, and Lord knows that statement certainly rings true right now while we are forced to witness American citizens get, what amounts to, a chemical attack with no help from their government. It is certainly apparent when we watch elections get stolen, or civil liberties get eroded through a contrived pandemic. 

Darkness is attacking with all of it’s might right now. It is making, what I believe to be, it’s final stand. But herein lies one of my first reasons for optimism. And that is: Darkness would not be this exposed, and this out in the open without a Divine hand behind it. I truly believe God is yanking the veil, and waking more souls up day by day. I truly believe that the reason we are seeing so much darkness and nastiness in the world today is because it is finally being fully exposed so that it can be dealt with. 

Unfortunately this will not, and has not, been a fast process. Awakenings rarely, if ever, happy quickly. All you have to do is take a look around to realize God’s hand at work. In my personal life, I am seeing “normies” from all backgrounds wake up to the corruption plaguing us. I’m seeing more and more people turn their back on the MSM, and I’m seeing more people asking questions than I ever have before in my 25+ years down the rabbit hole. 

Look at some of the positives that we couldn’t say were happening even five years ago: Epstein is “dead”. Maxwell is in prison. Weinstein is in prison. Jean Luc Brunel was arrested and is now dead. Epstein’s client list is about to drop. Biden has a litany of scandals just waiting to erupt. Things which never would have been out in the open in the past, such as, Hunter’s Laptop, his Burisma/Ukraine ties. We know for a fact Durham isn’t done. We have the Twitter Files uncovering how the deep state turned big tech into a new wing of the Gestapo. We have subpoenas and investigations happening. We know Elon will be dropping Fauci files, and we know that more and more people are waking up to the Covid lie. 

More and more are waking up to election fraud, and foreign interests having more says in our halls of government than they should. More and more are turning off the MSM, and coming to independent journalism as a means for information. 

How about the Revival going on in Kentucky which has now spanned longer than a week and is spreading to other college campuses? Or maybe Roe v. Wade being overturned. 

Every single time [they] throw a new narrative at us, we nearly instantaneously flip that narrative on it’s head. 

I know it can be so very hard to see and accept, but I assure you: we are winning. GOD is winning. The process of exposing and defeating darkness is a nasty one. It isn’t enjoyable. And this is why you have to find the light peaking through the cracks wherever you can. Whether it be news of traffickers being arrested, a beautiful sunset, or even a furry fren of yours – we all have to find ways to derive joy and hope from our surroundings. 

Remind yourself of what Jesus went through. Was it worth it? Remind yourself of how many were lost in the Revolutionary War. Was it worth it? I’d say the answer to both is an overwhelming yes. Remember those two things the next time you find yourself frustrated over some bad news, or when something doesn’t go our way. We all know how we act when God says yes, but how we act when He says no reveals far more about our strength and character. 

We. Are. At. War. Do not think or believe otherwise. It is a war unlike mankind has ever seen. But within this chaos lies a beautiful tranquility. And that tranquility comes from knowing that God is revealing all and that mankind is reaching a new level of awakening. 

There will be growing pains. However, so long as we stay together, stay grounded, and keep God in our hearts, nothing or no one can defeat us. 


Thank you all for the love and support! God bless all of you!

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