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  1. Hey Schumer…it’s a free country with investigative reporters doing their job…why don’t you stop spewing your socialist propaganda all these years and retire—just go away.

  2. Who died and made that creepy nut job sleaze ball shooomer the king and hack-eem his jester? Demand all you want, clowns.

    The first vision I get when I think of that traitor is when he’s standing at the podium at a protest in front of the Supreme Court making spazzy goofy fists with both hands, threatening SC Justices Thomas and Cavannaugh with “reaping the whirlwind”, then smiling when he looks around to see the approval of the crowd of slobbering radical liberal wing nuts.

    That pussy couldn’t whirlwind out of a wet paper bag.

    Lookit who’s telling BIG LIES.

    I wish I could be there to see pedo chuckies’ face when he’s told he will hang until he’s dead.

    Have you seen the photo (confirmed) of him holding and kissing a young black boy? Betcha his name is on the Lolita Express flight logs.

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