Spitballers talk J6 vids shown on Tucker

I think there’s some agreement to only have tucker release info on J6. It keeps focus on his show, doesn’t get edited and watered down. The tapes don’t belong to fox. They are property of the government (actually belong to we the ppl).

That’s bs. The videos belong to “We the People”. Good time to make that point!


If the concentration camps would be used anytime in the future, It is gonna be a boomerang for the deep state assets.

IT IS GOING TO BE BIBLICAL, might be also that all the tools of the Deep State are going to backfire on them!

I’m not one to keep quiet so I expressed my disgust….but we really are up against a machine. People are clueless and it really gets to me sometimes.  You know I screenshot stuff and put it in my fb story.. trying to wake people up!

IMO, now is the time for us to speak up and start conversations with our family and friends who are “sleeping”. Ask leading questions, share information on social media.

IMHO if McCarthy has chosen to give It to Tucker Carlson there is a white hats reason for that.

“Patriots in control”


The timing, and especially how the story is told, are key to a good impact on the normies.

As the great Communication Master Marshall McLuhan 🇨🇦 said:

“The medium is the message”.

The same fact can be counted from many optics and its construction, timing, structure, the visual narrative creates the message. I prefer the original title of McLuhan:

 “The medium is the MASSAGE”

Since they certainly shamelessly massage our minds in a model of mass communication that should be renamed as:


It is not the same, to give an example, to see in the Iraq War a constant bombardment of images of missiles during the night hitting the city of Baghdad seen from a single point, or very far away from the impacts, than to be able to see the images of said impacts in those streets.

As it would be even less so to see a child dead in a street after said impact of a missile. Although the “fact” is the same, by suppressing a huge amount of “stars constellation” from the same event, as this brilliant concept Burning Bright has invented, it generates an optics of reality completely shrouded and therefore absolutely mutilated.

That is for me one of the reasons you could see Madeleine Albright In an interview with “60 Minutes” if my memory serves me well, saying to the journalist’s question:

“If she regretted the attack on Iraq that caused the death of more than 500,000 civilians, including many children?”

Why does Albright respond so coldly and meanly that she “has no regrets and that it was totally necessary?

Was it perhaps because the mass media already offered us a cold and detached view of the matter beforehand without a true “constellation of stars” from the start?

They not only massage us, but steal our soul and perception in the process.

I honestly think pulling the Capitol-guided quote from within Chamam Q, is a bright start to the beggining of an already-fixed star in the “constelation of stars” to come. That will bring us light, real LIGHT!

Just as the deep state used for its false narrative a constellation of images that favored its story, usually extremely monolithic and simplistic… 

Now it is about telling a story at least more authentic, with more honesty!… 

Drip, drip, drip until reaching the CLIMAX of the movie OR FINAL FLOOD!



In addition to calling/emailing our reps to release the videos to the public, let’s do the same for Kevin McCarthy. Let us make up our own minds.

All they need is a scare event to force you into their concentration camps.. they scared many into taking the needle…

I think there’s some agreement to only have tucker release info on J6. It keeps focus on his show, doesn’t get edited and watered down. The tapes don’t belong to fox. They are property of the government (actually belong to we the ppl).

I do the same Deb but FB is making sure no one sees it. It’s so awful over there! And I feel like I’m one in about 5 or 6 friends at most who ever speak out and show truth. I really think that the majority over there are a lost cause and in complete denial with their apathy. I do know there is a small percentage who are just afraid to ever say anything or even click the like button probably for fear of retribution or losing friends. So sad. FB is bad for everyone. I am only there still trying to work my mlms (memes?) but it’s pathetic. 😢

Same here, Marsha.  I’m never on Fb anymore but I have two accts. I’ve saved them for the moment that I need to post something with the expectations of getting blasted. It’s coming.

I can’t go on FB, I’m a wanted fugitive

I have two accounts too but both can’t last a week

on cbs this morn they said tucker was cherry picking and misleading

If you heard Tucker at the end of his show on Monday night, he did comment something about ‘not having full control’ over what he could show – something to that effect.  I believe there is alot he would like to say but he is held back by his contract with Fox.

I think you’re right. Lawyers are limiting it

Mar. 7, 2023- X22Report

BREAKING!!– Tucker Carlson Releases Evidence Ray Epps Perjured Himself in Sworn Testimony to Jan. 6 Committee 

(VIDEO) https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/03/breaking-tucker-carlson-releases-evidence-showing-ray-epps-perjured-himself-in-sworn-testimony-to-jan-6-committee-video/

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