The Storm is upon us and getting worse

By Radiopatriot

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        1. If your comment weren’t so clueless it would be hilarious.

          Scratch that. It IS hilarious.

          Do you get your hot info from MSDNC?

          Lemme guess — Rachel Mad Cow? Joyless Racist Reid? Jake Traitor Tapper?

          There’s no such thing as “Qanon”.

          IF you were an anon patriot you would know that.

          Deep state Trolls say “Qanon”. You’re busted.

          Obviously your sources are deep state propaganda.

          That begs the question, why are you even here?

          Before you ponder that it’s time for another Fraud-Xi BOOSTER.

          Don’t go away mad, just go away.

          Try your safe space.

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