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Presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy calls on fellow GOP candidates to speak out against the potential indictment against Trump after Nikki Haley and Tim Scott refuse to answer questions from DailyMail.com

Vivek Ramaswamy wants Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley and Tim Scott to weigh-in on the bombshell news that Donald Trump could be indicted by the Manhattan District Attorney this week.

Neither Senator Scott nor former Gov. Haley, a Trump-era Ambassador to the United Nations, opted to answer DailyMail.com questions regarding the indictment at the Palmetto Family Council’s Vision ’24 National Conservative Forum in North Charleston, South Carolina on Saturday.

Florida Gov. DeSantis’ team did not respond to DailyMail.com’s request for comment on the indictment.

‘Today was an important day in the country,’ Ramaswamy said during a brief press conference following his own remarks at the forum.

‘The reason I’m doing this is because the rest of the Republican field, I think, has been deafeningly silent about an important issue in the country today,’ he added of the news that an indictment could be looming.

‘What I’m about to say has nothing to do with Donald Trump and everything to do with the integrity of an election and the integrity of a self-governing democracy,’ the biotech multimillionaire added. ‘So I don’t care whether you root for Trump or whether you don’t, if you root for the integrity of our constitutional republic then you need to be on the side of being really clear.’

Ramaswamy has been extremely vocal in denouncing the prospect of an indictment against Trump, claiming that there would be no case if it weren’t for the face that the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is severely anti-Trump.

He claimed during his press conference in Charleston on Saturday that he is a ‘politically empowered prosecutor’ looking to ‘eliminate the opposition of a ruling party using arrest power.’

Ramaswamy immediately responded to news of the impending indictment on Saturday morning with a tweet.


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