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The Master explores Donald Trump’s mastery of Narrative Warfare, his Narrative Fighting Style and his importance to the Sovereign Alliance in this Fifth-Generation War against the Globalist Deep State. Start the series with Part 1.

When I sat down to write this piece, I knew it was possible that Donald Trump would be indicted by the time you read it, and based on some of the most absurd and partisan charges to be levied against a major American political figure in history. Predictably—and despite breathless predictions to the contrary—the powers that would be are already dragging their feet regarding their whispered threats to the leader of the America First movement, but, whether they hand down that toothless indictment or not in the coming days and weeks, the analysis that follows is meant to map the Macro, and attempt to discern the WHY of it all.

Not the WHY of the Actual. Rather, what I’m fascinated with is the WHY that matters most of all, to me. The WHY of the Potential. The WHY of the Narrative.

The WHY of the Story.

I want to say that from the jump because, as is typical of my analytical style, the ‘Actual’ is not what I’m interested in when it comes to a war based on the dissemination, obfuscation and weaponization of Information itself. I’m far more interested in mapping out the WHY of various Narrative Deployments, and seeing how those maps—those Cognitive Constellations—help to further our understanding of the players on the Game Theory Game Board, and their respective strategies at play.

Put another way, I hope to provide a unique reading of this Narrative-Actual paradigm and paradox that will provide a means of engaging with either scenario, and more importantly, on the strategies and intentions that could be in effect regarding each eventuality, no matter what does or does not happen in the realm of the real.

All of which is to say, when I refer to Donald Trump as The Master of Narrative Warfare, I’m not attempting to be cute, reductive or overly dramatic.

I’m simply communicating in as clear and accurate a manner possible the degree to which our chosen leader of the MAGA and America First agendas seizes and asserts control over the Media Industrial Complex—and by extension, the American cultural zeitgeist—seemingly at will, able to cut through the significant noise of trivial matters consuming the news cycle, including but not limited to the ongoing—and accelerating—International Banking Crisis, escalating tensions with Russia over the Baltic Sea, the increasing union between China and Russia on the world stage and the continued emergence—and suppression—of the Biden Crime Family’s ties to the CCP.

In fact, this week’s special feature was originally meant to be the finale of the ongoing Layer Cake Series, which seeks to use one of the prevailing questions at the heart of the Information War—who controls the Biden Administration?—as a cognitive cypher through which to apply Bicameral Thinking and many of the Fifth-Gen Warfare concepts we discuss around these parts to other theaters of this Strange War.

Well … Trump has, once again given us an opportunity to do just that, and put our cognitive credits where our minds are, as we can examine the ‘Trump Arrest’ Narrative Deployment from several congruent and even contradictory angles, mapping out the Actuals and the Potentials of both the Narrative Deployment and the possibility of the Actualization of said Deployment in order to see how it maps onto the ongoing realities of the war between the forces of Globalism and Sovereignty the world over.

(Hint: a Bicameral reading of this Deployment does not look good for [them,] but then, I’m sure most in this audience are aware of that. The fun part is in charting a logical path there, so that we can be sure we’re making friends with the worst outcomes, preparing ourselves for every eventuality, and doing so with the understanding that, well, as my co-host on Sunday nights, Just Human often says … understanding itself is far greater than reacting.)

In fact, I believe that is a good place to start with an examination of the ‘Trump Arrest’ Narrative, and that is the genesis of the Narrative in the first place.

While it is true that there have been whispers from mainstream, blue check politico’s and career obfuscation agents for the better part of a week about a looming Trump indictment, these rumors and whispers would have easily been dismissed as the latest in a LONG line of ‘the walls are closing in’ rhetoric Trump—and our movement—have been assaulted with for the better part of a decade.

What makes this particular instance of the ‘Trump Arrest’ Narrative different is the fact that Trump himself spent all weekend—and the lead-in to a new news cycle—signal boosting it in dramatic, somewhat humorous fashion, which may be our first hint that the Narrative itself is unlikely to be Actualized … or is it?

You see, my favorite instances of the Bicameral approach to engaging with Narrative Deployments in this Info War are those wherein the earnest application of cognition to EACH seemingly-contradictory paradigm results in the desire to ‘map’ said paradigm onto reality.

In short, when both Option A and Option B can be argued with equal, indiscernible foundational logic, you’ve truly got a Narrative Deployment that can both seize control—attention—of the Collective Mind of American Society by saturating all sides of the sociopolitical zeitgeist with a mix of tension, anxiety and anticipation, while also paralyzing the Media Industrial Complex in a Narrative Pincer Move, rendering the storyline so dramatic that they MUST cover it, and doing so with the dawning understanding that Trump either WANTS the Narrative to be Actualized, OR he wants as many eyes on the latest in a long line of ‘dud’ Narrative Deployments pushed by the entirety of the Media Industrial Complex.

After all, we have been told that, while the war is real, the news is fake. Put another way, we’ve been told that ‘leaks’ are real, and no matter if these leaks materialize and map onto reality with a Trump indictment this week—or anytime, for that matter—the fact remains that this Narrative is being disseminated based on ‘sources’ in the Media Industrial Complex. One has to wonder whether those sources are [theirs] or ours, however.

From where I’m sitting, the way these things tend to go, I lean much more heavily toward the latter than the former.

In our last entry in this ongoing series, ‘Aside of Truth,’ I used the term, ‘Patterned Chaos’ to describe Donald Trump’s communication style. The man is capable of being extremely direct—some might say, wrongly, TOO direct, on occasion—and yet, he so often chooses to couch his language in vagaries and even apparent contradictions.

I do not see this as a mistake, but rather intentional obfuscation, which provides ‘strong’ signal boosting, Narrative Shielding, plausible deniability and seeding simultaneously.

In short, by using contradictory asides, qualifiers and innuendos in his public statements, Trump displays an uncanny ability to engage with and even further Narratives in his chosen direction, pulling the public mind along with him in the process, without committing to specific outcomes for said public mind to map onto. This provides him with the rare and useful ability to draw the psychological benefit—or Net Effects—of an Actual Deployment out of a Potential one, effectively drawing benefits and effects from the Real out of the Unreal.

With this reading in mind, whether or not a Trump Arrest is Actualized, before we get into the meat of a Bicameral Analysis on that potentiality, your first hint that we have nothing to worry about in either case is the very fact that Trump himself is the one pushing said Narrative with the most force.

Suffice to say … Trump doesn’t do anything that is truly damaging to himself or the America First agenda, which can only mean one of two things:

  1. An Actual Indictment of Donald Trump is unlikely, and Trump knows this.
  2. An Actual Indictment of Donald Trump is likely, and beneficial to his 2024 campaign and overall political agenda.

As reductive as that seems, it is truly the way I would map the current Deployment from a Macro, Bicameral sense, and one that I feel holds up to deeper levels of scrutiny than woefully naïve assessments that Trump is spinning in a chaotic void of the Deep State’s making, and that the walls truly are finally closing in on him, and by extension, on our movement.

Therefore, whether Donald Trump and his fellow patriots are fully in control of whether or not an indictment is handed down, they are FIRMLY in control of the story surrounding it, and I’ll never get tired of reminding my readers that I believe we are in a War of Stories, and for good reason.

I’ve delved into the WHY on that particular topic many times in the past, but for any new to my work and somewhat strange way of parsing the Information War, the reason behind the War of Stories on the part of patriots in the Sovereign Alliance is the same as the Deep State’s motivation for wielding Narratives against the Collective Mind for generations.

It works.

Human beings engage with and are informed by the world around them, its history, its figures and even relationships in their own lives on the basis of stories and the characters they inhabit. We are mythic creatures made of and bolstered by myth itself, and our lives are our own attempts—our own need—to create myths of our own, to write our own stories, and to engage with those we feel teach us, inform us or enrich us.

Taken with this framing in mind, we might begin to see a mosaic formed out of the seemingly-disparate patchwork of Narrative Deployments AGAINST Trump and the America First movement over the past decade—and yes, it has almost been that long—through the lens of how the enemy often does our work for us. 

From the seeding of Russiagate and foreign collusion, foreign interference in a US election, election fraud, declassification, quid pro quo, weaponization of the Department of Justice and US Intel Agencies, and even sexual scandal afflicting a former occupant of the White House, Narratives built in the Unreal toward Donald Trump will be made all too Real when it comes to all of [them,] and the resultant boomerangs will hit that much harder since the public mind has been educated on each of these concepts—and eventualities—by the same Media Industrial Complex that has slowly been subverted and delegitimized before their eyes.

With all of this in mind, let’s go Bicameral with the Trump Arrest Narrative using the Cognitive Constellations approach, and see if we can find any congruent, parallel signals within the engineered noise.

Constellation A = NO Indictment

(A reading of this constellation would be enhanced for new and returning readers with a refresher on my Narrative Whiplash concept, which explains in a Macro sense how the enemy often works for us in the Mind War … whether they wish it or not.)

Perhaps the most likely of the Trump Arrest constellations to map onto reality, the ‘No Indictment’ paradigm doesn’t just result in egg being on the face of every mainstream media politico, blue check and talking head on both sides of the Mississippi, but it also serves the very real, Actual benefit of revealing leakers to patriots and Trump Allies, further revealing the wolves in sheep’s clothing known as Con Inc. to the America First community, and wastes precious Narrative and reputational ammunition on the part of the Media Machine that has been rendered increasingly inert and irrelevant by Trump’s blitzkrieg and resultant whiplash of Narrative traps.

As for nodes within the Real that map onto this constellation, aside from the Just Human perspective—one echoed by Jonathan Turley and other legal experts across the country—that the charges against Trump ultimately lack standing and veracity on their face, the most compelling data point to me that suggests the Trump Arrest Narrative could be an elaborate, dramatic and useful troll job by Trump is the fact that he’s used such dramatic language and rhetoric to forward it, painting himself as both a martyr and the sort of unhinged, PROTEST-calling insurrection provocateur the Establishment has painted him as for years.

Of course, Trump has never called for anything but peaceful protests on his behalf, but it’s hard to see him calling for open protest of any kind in a sociopolitical environment as frayed and contentious as this one, and which is only likely to escalate in the event of his arrest and the subsequent media clown show that results from it.

As for the Net Effects of the ‘NO Indictment’ paradigm, in addition to wasting more Narrative Ammunition of the enemy, further mapping out their illusory—albeit effective and damaging—information dissemination matrix, and revealing the sources of leaks, this paradigm still manages to paint Trump as about as firmly anti-Establishment as it gets, whether you’re talking Republican or Democrat, which is an effective position to be in as he gears up to launch into 2024 campaign mode in earnest.

In the end, even if Trump is NOT indicted, the very fact that corrupt DA’s are still looking for any possible justification for doing exactly that is further proof to an increasing plurality of the Collective Mind that Trump’s self-described martyrdom is much closer to reality than bombast, which begs the question:

If [they] fear Donald Trump more than an international Banking Crisis, ongoing sociopolitical scandals within the ruling class and the precipice of WW3 … why might that be?

And finally, if we take the ‘NO Indictment’ constellation one step further, we might envision a ‘Counter Strike’ scenario wherein, by leading the Narrative charge on the very Deployment meant to stall or embattle him, Trump may be cutting the head from the snake and defanging the story before it can develop teeth, effectively cutting off the Actualization of the arrest by depriving it of the primary juice of its ‘shock’ factor, and rendering the attempt fruitless and self-defeating for the Establishment.

With this reading of the deployment, Trump has taken a page out of Jack Ryan’s book, and intercepted the path of the narrative torpedo before it could arm itself in a move reminiscent of the Mar-a-Lago raid.

“Combat Tactics, Mr. Ryan.”


Constellation B = Trump Arrest

All of that said, since I’m generally a fan of making friends with the ‘worst’ outcome, a mapping of the Actualization of the Trump Arrest Narrative behooves us well, and leaves us in the enviable position of being able to have our cake and eat it, too, as this is the rare dramatic, ‘anti-Trump’ deployment whose Net Effects might be even MORE positive for him and for our movement than the alternative.

Put simply, an Actual Arrest of Donald Trump based on fraudulent, faulty or ultimately trivial charges years after he’s left public office, and the ensuing Media and Cultural storm that would result would visit the following Net Effects onto the Collective Mind of American Society:

  • Furthers and accelerates the reputational damage done to the Establishment, represented by the Media Industrial Complex, politico’s, political opponents and the current ‘ruling class’ of the American political class, all of whom continue to skate on their own scandals while the pariah of the political world, Donald Trump, is made the punching bag of their bought and paid for justice system.
  • Positions said Justice System—rather, the apparent weaponization of sections of the Justice System—as THE story to spin out of the Actualized Event, leading the role of the courts, the Department of Justice and the rule of law to be at the focal point of the American sociopolitical and even cultural discussion, which—given some of the arrests, proceedings and disclosures many of us believe are on the horizon—can hardly be counted a bad thing.
  • Continues the exposure of Con Inc. and the wolves in sheep’s clothing we highlighted in detail back in November, during the midterm election cycle, is one of the most important theaters in the Collective Conservative Mind to further, and one Trump has been banging the drum on for the better part of his silent-running term. If Trump were to be arrested, expect the mask to drop fully from the DeSantis-simping, Left-Right Paradigm-enforcing RINO and CPAC crowd.
  • Results in an even more defensible and promotable ‘Trump the Martyr’ Narrative to advance on a national stage than the mere threat of an indictment, further positioning Trump as THE opposition to a Uniparty painting itself more and more as an enemy of an increasing portion of a restless American populace.
  • Provides Narrative Shielding for the Department of Justice to target current and former political opponents of Trump and America First, and putting the onus for prosecution and eventual conviction—something we are unlikely to see in Trump’s case—on the simple facts of a given case. In essence, it paves the way for a return to true Law and Order in the United States, free from the framing of the Media Industrial Complex, who’ve weaponized the apparatus against its political opponents for ages.
  • Acts as a Mass Unification Event for the MAGA, America First and anti-Establishment political class in the US—a rapidly-expanding class—to rally around ahead of a truly transformational cycle—even generation—of American political, economic and legal reforms. MAGA is not violent. MAGA will not be violent.
  • Provides Trump himself the opportunity and the public mandate to ‘take the gloves off’ when it comes to combating the Fake News Media, his political opponents and opponents of the America First agenda. In short, if you think you’ve seen Trump swing for the fences, I don’t believe you’ve seen anything yet.

Overall, given the timing of this Deployment, in the midst of worsening sociopolitical and economic conditions in the west and ratcheting tensions worldwide, engaging in thought exercises like this helps us to parse the signal from the noise, and key in on the fact that, in a war built on the tenets of Game Theory, the Infinite Side of the game board need not wield direct, overt control over their opponents in order to have them caught dead to rights no matter which path to their own destruction they choose to take on a public stage.

With Game Theory applied to the Trump Arrest theory, I believe the Bicameral conclusion we might come to regarding its intent is as follows:

Whether Trump is ultimately indicted or not—and whether he has been or not at the time of this reading—his seeding of this Narrative can and has served mirrored purposes:

A) Preempting the arrest attempt, poisoning the well, depriving the Establishment of the intended initial strike in the shock and awe campaign that would result and ultimately disarming the Narrative warhead.

B) Baiting [them] into the actual arrest, thereby kicking off a cascade of consequences that eventually leads back around to [their] most prized and protected systems and assets, while supercharging the campaign and standing of their target in the first place.

Which is why I often say—crass as it may be—Game Theory is a bitch … if you’re on the wrong side of it.

Overall, while I try not to make specific predictions in this series or any of my other writing and analysis at Burning Bright, I do hope to provide useful and applicable cognitive cyphers for my readers—and for myself—to be able to apply to multiple theaters in the ongoing Info War, as the war is one for control of your Mind and of ours. The only way to free yourself from that control is to develop the cognitive tools necessary to guard your own mind, and expose the ones attempting to steer it absent your knowledge or consent.

The Master series has not been an attempt to engage in hopium; it has been my attempt to distill my continued observations of Donald Trump, as he is representative of much more than the 45th President of the United States. To many of us, he is representative of the MAGA, American First and even Truth Communities. Trump isn’t our King and he isn’t all-powerful or all-knowing. He is, however the chosen leader of our movement in the present age, and by observing how he chooses to communicate and the Net Effects of his patterned chaos, I believe we can come away from such analysis knowing that we have chosen our first leader of this new sociopolitical and cultural age well.

Perhaps better than we even know.

As the Trump Arrest Narrative—whether it is Actualized or not—so aptly demonstrates, whether he births the chaos or simply thrives in it, Trump conducts it like a discordant symphony.

One that ends in [their] destruction.

Because in the end, either we win, or [they] lose.

The rest is a matter of timing.

Until next time, stay Positive, stay Based and most importantly … stay Bright.

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