Pence must testify. Awesome! Here’s why.

A judge has ordered Mike Pence must testify before a federal grand jury about conversations he had with President Trump leading up to January 6th. The judge also ruled the conversations are not protected because of Presidential secrecy, but also rules Pence has some protections around his work on J6. 

The Bragg indictment is falling apart so they’re on to the next thing 🤡

“Chief U.S. District Judge James Boasberg agreed that Pence does enjoy a degree of immunity from testifying due to his role as president of the Senate on Jan. 6. It was not immediately clear whether that ruling is broad enough to satisfy Pence’s resistance to the subpoena — issued by special counsel Jack Smith — or whether he intends to appeal.”


Pence is gonna take this to SCOTUS and they will have to decide if the Speech and Debate Clause applies here.

That’s the reason Pence is resisting this. He wants to take it to SCOTUS and have them rule on it. 

Think in terms of Precedents, in terms of Templates for future grand juries.

Hat Tip/ Just Human

Just Human adds:

“I think Pence is resisting this and Trump is pushing back wherever he can in order to establish what Presidents, Vice Presidents, and their staff CAN and CANNOT be compelled to do. 

Think in terms of Precedents, in terms of Templates for future grand juries.

Trump and Pence are cutting out a template for how to go after [THEM].


When FBI Raids are actually good news.

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  1. People call former VP Pence a traitor, but I’m not so sure. Did he have a part to play? Looks like it… I’m a Hoosier, and he did right by Indiana.

  2. EXCELLENT DECISION. He needs to testify, so people can see and hear what a TRAITOR he is to his PARTY AND COUNTRY. Hopefully this will cause him to understand why he has ZERO RESPECT from the American public who were counting on him to BACK HIS PRESIDENT, CONSTITUTION, AND CITIZENS IN THE ELECTION. He can then go home and Be SIilent and wait for his Military Tribunal at GITMO.

  3. I’m trying to keep up after following many ppl for 2 years I find there’s always something of. But Pence a WH? There was a whistleblower recording that mentions him in a very bad way. And then the story line about Pence/Ryan/Rosenstein plan. And possibly Romney?

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