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I find myself wondering if I became so focused on the MAL “Raid,” classified docs case, and the precedents that it did and could potentially set, that I missed the potential significance of the Manhattan DA’s grand jury.

I’ve been revisiting this article of mine. I think I missed a trick.

I thought precedents were needed and still do, both for future investigations/indictments and also for the narrative value.

Now, if indeed this indictment of Trump is real and is as alleged in media then a Rubicon truly has been crossed. 

There will be more of this. 



Bill Barr says we have crossed the rubicon and calls the persecution of President Trump an abomination. 

“This is an abomination. It’s the epitome of the abuse of prosecutorial power to bring a case that would not be brought against anyone else. They are going after the man, not the crime… 

I think we are gonna rue the day we crossed this rubicon. There will be more and more of this. It just doesn’t end well.” 

Honeybadger coming through in the clutch!

And that is why articles like this are being published. 


It hadn’t occurred to me that an indictment of a fmr President by a city’s district attorney could happen and what the knock on effects of that could potentially be.

That’s the trick I missed.

If the leaks are accurate, which is a big ‘IF’, then Bragg just put ALL of the Swamp, across the country, at risk.

And he did so with an indictment that is doomed to fall apart.

So, Trump will come away from this stronger than ever, with fresh street cred, and his enemies will be more vulnerable than ever.



When FBI Raids are actually good news.

Template- a gauge, pattern, or mold; something that establishes or serves as a pattern.

A template for how to go after the Clintons, Obama, their attorneys, and the media who assisted them in their crimes against the United States and We the People.

A template for how to go after [THEM].




When FBI Raids are actually good news.

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