Great show, guys. Try to not miss it.

Great show last night with Just Human and Burning Bright.

We learned their personal stories and how they struggled to overcome their darkest moments.

“DEFECTED” is the highest rated show on Badlands Media. If you missed it, click back to my previous post where you’ll find a link to it. They went long (3 and a half hours), but if you listen while going about your business, their assessment of what’s going on behind the scenes with tomorrow’s arraignment of President Trump AND their outlook on all of it will keep you company — good company.

OK… with that, Just Human hosts his own program this morning at 9:30 EDT. Here’s that link to watch it live. I’ll be clicking back and forth between Just Human and Bannon’s War Room.

“Complicated business, folks. Complicated business…”

Looks like I’m not alone in my assessment of last night’s show. Today’s listeners are already in the chat room talking about it.

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