👆👆Ooooh the optics here. 👆👆

I can’t wait for when all these players start ‘optically’ turning to defending Trump, full throttle. 

I know there’s gonna be a lot of REEEEEE’s in the comments but you just watch. It’s coming. 😁

Trump can’t have everyone kissing ass all the time, otherwise it would/will never be believable for the remaining sleepers. 

Think of a movie script when you see that one character who refuses to do anything the entire movie… the audience views them as a worthless, good for nothing character that only makes matters worse….  But when they finally come around, especially when the main character needs it most…. Just watch. 🍿

I’m ready for the Reees. 😁


For example:

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  1. I know. It’s so crazy. I saw Barr’s name recently as arrested & off to Gitmo. They have really done well with this scenario. I have been back & forth several times about him and if he is playing a role.

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