Good morning, patriots!

It’s a quite breezy day here on the coast as a weather system from the north is pushing down the temp and humidity, creating a glorious flag-flying day (wind’s blowing at 23 mph from the east northeast). I love these breezy spring days, appreciating that these “cold fronts” will soon be history as our April temperatures evolve into heavy, humid, hot days of Florida coastal summer. (Which is why Maine is such an inviting escape!)

So as I sip my morning coffee out here on the porch enjoying the breeze and the sounds of an incoming tide, let’s get started. Bannon’s War Room is about to begin.

Ukraine says it has been forced to alter its counter-attack plans after US intelligence leak revealed top secret military details – as Russia starts ‘scorched earth’ bombing of Bakhmut

China declares it is ready to smash ‘any form of Taiwan independence’ after ‘sealing off’ the island with 12 warships and 91 jets in huge military exercise

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