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What’s Taking So Long?

How Do You ‘Show’ the Public the Truth?

We are watching the plan unfold before our eyes. 

I’ve said for a few years now that the election would be overturned in the courts. There was a reason Trump prioritized appointing judges to fill the record amount of vacancies that Obama left for Hillary.

So why was appointing judges and flipping the courts so important?

What is it that everyone wants and people constantly complain about?

When will we see justice, and why is it taking so long?

I can try to answer both of those questions and help explain what I believe has always been the plan. In doing so, I will also share why the courts are such an important part of that plan.

We were told by Q that we are at war and fighting an insurgency that hasn’t just infiltrated our government at every level, but has also infiltrated our entire society.

What is an insurgency?

From Q post #4700:

The Insurgent Political Strategy 

To gain the support (or at least the acquiescence) of the people, the insurgents may apply a combination of persuasion, subversion and coercion.


Often involves the promotion of insurgent ideology, but it can also include the provision of money, basic social services, control of land, or positions of authority.

Propaganda is a key element of persuasion and is used at the local, national and often international levels to influence perceptions of potential supporters, opinion leaders, and opponents in the favor of the insurgents; promoting the insurgent cause and diminishing the government’s resolve. More specifically, propaganda may be designed to control community action, discredit government action, provoke overreaction by security forces, or exacerbate sectarian tension.


The action used by insurgents to penetrate, manipulate, undermine or disrupt government institutions and organizations.


Can either augment or replace persuasion as a means to mobilize support, depending on the ability of government forces to protect the population. Insurgents seek to intimidate government supporters or collaborators, and force community leaders to take sides in the conflict. This often entails the use of violence.

This is what Trump was up against the day he was sworn in and he knew it. 

There was a military plan in place long before Trump ever announced he was running for president. Trump became a wartime president the moment he was sworn in and we’ve been fighting a war ever since. It’s an unconventional war where the main battlefield is the media. 

Why? Because it’s a battle for the hearts and minds of the people, and the media have been the enemy’s greatest weapon.

So how do you defeat an insurgency?

Q told us in the same post #4700:

This was the second part of the post. After Q explained what an insurgency is, he then explained how they were going to defeat it:

The Counterinsurgency Guide

Q posted the link to this guide four times—in posts #4008, 4363, 4364 and 4700. 

Q did it for a reason. It was not only important to know what the military strategy was, but also why it has taken so long.

COUNTERINSURGENCY may be defined as ‘comprehensive civilian and military efforts taken to simultaneously defeat and contain insurgency and address its root causes’.

Comprehensive = complete and including everything that is necessary:


This is important to understand; if you don’t grasp this aspect of the strategy, you will not understand what is happening and why. You’ll also continue to be frustrated by the slow pace of the justice as it unfolds.

The strategy involves simultaneous civilian and military operations. Trump set up Devolution and COG (continuity of government) right before he left office, so that the plan would continue under Biden. The civilian operations are very public—many playing out in the courts and the media—while the military operations are clandestine.

Think about the scale of this global war and the time the insurgency has had to infiltrate all parts of our society, not just our government. The war is being fought on many fronts at once, involving many moving parts; it is more complicated than we can imagine. 

Remember when Chris Miller praised Mike Pence for helping him during some of the most complicated military operations in our history?

I believe Chris Miller was referring specifically to this Counterinsurgency strategy.

So what is it? How does it explain what we’ve seen happening and why it’s taking so long?


COIN differs from other civil-military operations both in the methods employed and in the purpose of the undertaking. The PURPOSE of COIN is to BUILD POPULAR SUPPORT for a government while suppressing or co-opting insurgent movements.

Building popular support takes time. Trump built major support for his government while he was president. He increased his vote totals for re-election by ten million votes, which is a record for any president. 

He is the most popular president in history. But this isn’t just about building support for Trump; it’s also about turning the population against the insurgency. The plan is to build support for the Constitution and rule of law as Trump is off the stage. We are in the process of building popular support for the courts, who are supposed to be the guardians of the rule of law and our constitutional rights. We have had more wins in the courts over the last two years than I can ever remember; overturning Roe v. Wade was monumental, and there are more big wins coming.

What’s the Counterinsurgency strategy?

Best practice COIN integrates and synchronizes political, security, economic,and informational components that reinforce governmental legitimacy and effectiveness while reducing insurgent influence over the population. COIN strategies should be designed to simultaneously protect the population from insurgent violence; strengthen the legitimacy and capacity of government institutions to govern responsibly and marginalize insurgents politically, socially, and economically.

Q told us our military has been working behind the scenes to protect us from violence by infiltrating, mapping and hollowing out the insurgency’s foot soldiers in Antifa and BLM, which is why they couldn’t form any resistance against the overturning of Roe v. Wade, even though the decision was leaked ahead of time.

I would suggest that the only part of our government that has been strengthened and made legitimate is the Judicial Branch. It is true that the courts all tossed out election fraud cases in 2020 for technical reasons, but Trump reminded us several times that the courts have YET to see the evidence. When they do, they’ll have a big decision to make. 

This is a military operation and has been from the beginning. The strategy is to defeat the insurgency while containing it and addressing its root causes.

How do you address its root causes?

The Great Awakening

Information Strategy 

Information is the FOUNDATION for all other activities, and provides the linkages that allow discrete functional elements to cooperate as an integrated whole. The collection, formulation, storage and dissemination of information are crucial in shaping perceptions of the conflict by all stakeholders.

The whole purpose of Q was to create what General Flynn described as a digital army of truth tellers in order to combat the lying media that’s been spreading the enemy’s propaganda for generations. 

It’s been an incredible success. 

We’ve seen the power of the media greatly diminished, as their lies are now being exposed within hours, which has taken away their control of the narrative.

Messages are delivered partly through media operations, but more prolifically and often more credibly through the thousands of daily interactions between the population, the government and the security forces. Every action in COIN sends a message, which means that words and deeds MUST be synchronized. Messages cannot be simply SPIN, they must be grounded in TRUTH and reflect a genuine willingness on the part of the affected government to undertake real reforms that address the people’s needs. Failure to honor PROMISES is usually extremely counterproductive, so officials should be cautious in making promises, and should TRACK any that are made, with the aim of MEETING and EXCEEDING the expectations of the population.

Is there any doubt about the power of the Q operation? 

This was a military intelligence operation that exposed the lies and encouraged anons to dig for information and then share it everywhere, especially on Twitter, which is the largest and most effective propaganda tool the enemy had. It forced the enemy to ban them, along with Trump, and then censor all kinds of subjects. The timing of Elon Musk purchasing Twitter and taking it private was no coincidence; the enemy lost one of its most powerful weapons and it is now being turned against them. 

No coincidences.

Trump also keeps his promises, which was an important part of the strategy. He is making it a point to meet and exceed expectations.

All these corrupted systems controlled by the insurgency had to be exposed to the people; it’s the only way the people would demand permanent change.

Security Strategy

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