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Trump going hard on neocons and immigration


Dr Oz has totally vanished. He could be leading movements, asking where Covid came from, helping O’Keefe / TPUSA, building a ballot harvesting machine with his millions, etc. But he isn’t doing any of that bc it was about himself all along. And it always was.

More Kayfabe:

Exclusive (BREITBART) — Trump Smacks DeSantis for ‘Campaigning’ While Fort Lauderdale Flooded: ‘He Should Be There’

Former President Donald Trump ripped Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, saying he should be in Fort Lauderdale helping oversee response to the flooding there instead of touring the nation “campaigning.”

Beating them at their own game.

Trump is playing to win

Securing funds for massive Republican ballot harvesting operations 

Time to fight fire with fire – Posobiec.

Only a New Republican Party can build the new republic 

The Old GOP is not coming back

The New Future is coming

Something to think about…

“There’s a lot of people who should know better spreading complete horseshlit about Jack Teixeira not being able to have access to the Joint Staff Brief and be able to print it out 

Manning leaked way more than this and was also a junior enlisted.”

The government treats ‘approved leakers’ as heroic whistleblowers and actual whistleblowers as ‘traitorous leakers’.



Ron DeSantis silent on Bud Light culture war

Earlier this month, transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney showcased a personalized Bud Light can with her face on it, prompting calls to boycott the beer brand.

The FBI found the Discord leaker in 2 days but haven’t found the J6 pipebomber in 2 years. Why is that?

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  1. That speaks volumes. I think I would have ignored the whole thing. I really liked him & I have to wonder what the senior Floridians think of him voting to cut SS and Medicare. Everywhere I have read it doesn’t get into specifics. I assume he wants to cut the amount & not the entire programs.

    1. De Santis is showing his TRUE colors now, he is gaining confidence. Not there for his people in a Major Weather Catasptophy, Cutting Social Security and Medicare when most of his constituents are elderly??? Will this get anyone’s attention? He has been playing this game for some time now. He is NOT who he claimed to be, and the wife is actively involved as well in the “changes”.

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