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How will COVID shots be paid for after emergency ends?

The era of free COVID-19 vaccines is coming to a close as the federal government wraps up its public health emergency for the pandemic.

The Biden administration and manufacturers are taking steps to maintain vaccine accessibility, particularly for the uninsured, as the shots transition toward commercialization.

But while Americans with insurance are still expected to be able to get vaccinated free of charge, questions remain over how those without coverage can obtain them and the ease of the overall process.

Moderna and Pfizer, the companies behind the two most commonly administered coronavirus vaccines in the U.S., are expecting the prices of their shots to increase by as much as four-fold but have stated that consumers should not expect to feel the impact themselves, regardless of insurance status.

As the official end of the emergency approaches next month, here are the emerging routes for the uninsured to maintain free access. 

Federal avenues

The White House launched a new program this week specifically aimed at giving uninsured people access to both coronavirus vaccines and treatments, such as Paxlovid. The Biden administration characterized this new program as a public-private partnership.


According to the administration’s announcement, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) plans to purchase vaccines at a discount and distribute them through state and local health departments.

The administration is investing $1.1 billion into this program, with plans to partner with pharmacies to carry it out.

(YOUR tax dollars at work…)


Thanks for the Heads-up! In Austria two days ago the crash of health system got into msm. In Viennese emergency rooms the first patients died due to long waiting times. They spend approx. 5000€/person on all the Covid-scam, so there is no more money left for the hospitals. The pressure on staff got so big, that they finally went public. Austria used to have one of the best health system worldwide, seems that this is over. No one of the politicians feels responsible, lets see when some more normies wake up.

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