A Klaxon Call

The People’s General has issued an urgent warning, like a klaxon sounding what’s incoming…

“Are you ready to serve once again?”

General Flynn spoke after President Trump last Friday at the after-party. He called for all the other candidates running against Trump in the primary to get out of the way 🔥 

GenFlynn: “What is it that we need to do to protect this country?… 

We have a guy in President Trump… He is the leader of this party and here we are, we’re gonna run candidates against him in a primary?! That’s insane…

All these people that are running for President in the Republican Party ticket, GET OUT OF THE WAY!” 

(Video from Ivan Raiklin. You can watch the full speech here https://t.me/IvanRaiklin/9100 )

By Radiopatriot

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