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On Run-Up To The Coronation, King Charles Gets Terrible News From Canadians

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In what could come as a bit of a shock to the new monarch of the United Kingdom, King Charles III, a new poll released Monday has shown a majority of Canadians no longer wish to pledge their allegiance to the British Crown.

According to the non-profit Angus Reid InstituteCharles’ poll numbers among his North American subjects are not comforting with 60% saying they “do not want their country to continue as a constitutional monarchy,” and 88% of those Canadians saying it’s worth putting to a Constitutional amendment.

The shift in public opinion is remarkable and seems at odds with the decades-long and very well-documented love and reverence the Canadian people held for the long-reigning Queen Elizabeth II. The late Queen as a princess made her home in Canada during the London blitz of WWII and the Canadians seemed to remember this well.

The Insititute wrote,

“While her role as Canada’s head of state passed down to King Charles, Canadians’ warmth to Elizabeth did not.”

A few of the key findings from the poll include:

  • “Two-in-five (41%) say they don’t care about the coming coronation.”
  • ” Three-in-ten (28%) Canadians say they have a favorable view of their new King; half (48%) do not.”
  • “Overall, a majority of Canadians (52%) believe Charles will be a worse monarch than Elizabeth.”
  • Sixty percent say that Charles’ wife Camilla “she should not be referred to as ‘Queen’”
  • Sixty-Six percent say they oppose Canada recognizing Camilla as Queen.

Essentially it is all bad news for the 74-year-old monarch but not necessarily for the entire royal House of Windsor.

According to the Institute,

“The couple next-in-line to the throne, William and Kate, are viewed more favourably by Canadians, but the positivity is flowing from those who believe Canada should continue as a constitutional monarchy. Four-in-five in that group have positive impressions of Prince William and Princess Kate.”

To put it simply, most Canadians feel the nation should dispense with the monarchy entirely, but if the nation is to remain a constitutional monarchy, the Crown could be better served by having King Charles III and Queen Camilla reign briefly before stepping down, to make way for Prince William and Princess Kate to potentially breathe some life into an institution that has lost popularity.

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  1. For King and Country…that’s a Christian group…right?? 😂 Great group! “Burn the Ships” “God Only ” “For God is With Us” “Fix my Eyes”

  2. My guess will be, when it’s learned that ol’ king Chucky himself coined the label “The New World Order”, that those ‘Strongly Opposed’ number will increase, hopefully dramatically. He will burn exceptionally well.

    In relevant scoop, ol’ Chucky is really, really, really tight with nut-job Karl anal Schwab, among others of that breed of wanna-be world rulers.

    Don’t take my word for it, do your research.

    Just don’t waste your time on the cabal-owned Gaggle … for what should be obvious reasons. I use Duckduckgo. I’ve had the ‘Brave’ search engine also recommended but I haven’t taken the time to research it.

    Also … STOP using Microcrap Edge … unless you don’t care about your privacy. At all.

    And you want to keep funding the eugenecist-pedophile-satanist Billy ‘I wore dresses as a child’ Gates.

    The storm is coming …


    1. a few short years ago this would have been brushed off as “no way”… eerily similar to some people (today) view election fraud, child sex trafficking, precious metals and stock manipulation, vaccine (bioweapon) mandate, Uranium 1 sale, Steele Dossier, 9/11, Titanic, JFK, moon landings, (i could go on for hours)…. but the light is shining and it feels so good! Not too soon to say RIP King Charles… your cover is about to be exposed.

  3. All good news. Next Castro Jr. must go, then a large part of North America, the United States and Canada can work together to become normal and FREE. Cannot wait to see the downfall of the ‘Charles & Camilla Show’.

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