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April 29, 2023

Washington is only liberal on the western side and trust me, most of the state is not liberal.

They cheat like hell in elections. They have had all mail in ballots for many decades now.

Trust me, everything is going to change.

When election fraud is exposed, the entire election system will be changed and Washington will turn red like every other state in the country

May 1, 2023

I tried to finish my Substack but failed.

Had a three day weekend and I have to admit I watched a lot of NFL draft and playoff hockey.

Then as I was writing I kept finding new info and adding it and had to stop and almost start over.

I have to keep it under 4000 words and so I have to find a way to include stuff but not in so much detail.

I have to make sure I have  enough to get to the CBDC stuff which is important.

I’m almost thinking of doing another one in this series

May 1, 2023

This is a big win!

Not because this judge placed an injunction but because this is heading to the SC where we’ve won all the 2nd Amendment cases.

We need the SC precedent which will settle this argument by the left for good!


In Big Win For Gun-Rights Advocates, Federal Judge Enjoins Illinois’ Assault Weapons Ban

These long-awaited challenges will test the Democratic calls for removing all AR-15s and similar weapons, including calls from President Joe Biden…

May 1, 2023

They had to buy them.


If they don’t then the derivatives that FRC owns blow up and that triggers JPM’s derivatives along with everyone else’s.

The Fed couldn’t bail out FRC because it would have to print like crazy which would immediately cause hyperinflation.

We are near the end game.

Which banks are next?

We go back to Europe.

Keep your eyes on Deutsche Bank and UBS Bank.

May 1, 2023

FRC has 65 billion in “uninsured” deposits.

Who’s going to take that on?

Is it JPM?

If it is then JPM is going down.

If the Fed takes it on then they print money like crazy.

Either way, banks will continue to fall AND….it will be bigger and bigger banks

Mexican Senate expeditiously approves set of laws, mining reform

The Mexican Senate approved a new mining law that the mining chamber and Canada rebuked.

May 2, 2023

Market update 

I own and have recommended the stock AG as one of my all time favorites but there is some scary news.

Most of their mines are in Mexico and the Mexican government is passing laws that will hurt the mining industry in Mexico.

It’s too much risk for me so I’m exiting that stock.

I’ve seen something similar play out in Australia years ago which is why I avoid any mining stocks in Australia.

The Mexican government is now at war against one of their biggest income producers, which is mining.

That’s never good.


May 2, 2023

Mass layoffs have also begun.

Things are about to get rough.

The FED will continue to raise rates to burst the market bubble.

May 2, 2023

That’s the media narrative and it’s not true.

Regional banks are not the ones that are failing.

It’s all the corrupt banks.

This is a controlled demolition and the corrupt banks are the ones being targeted.

JPM is now in trouble and nobody is going to admit it publicly because it’s not a “regional” bank.

FRC was not a regional bank.

It was the 13 largest bank in the country with almost 70 billion in uninsured deposits.

That’s a lot of wealthy people putting their money in that bank.

Suckerberg was one of them.

It’s also a lie that deposits are flowing out of smaller banks into big banks.

The opposite is happening.

May 2, 2023

We are watching a controlled demolition of the corrupt banks in this country.

JPM had no choice but to try to bail out FRC and when that failed, to take it over.

That keeps the charade going a little longer.

JPM is now on the watchlist to fail.

It dropped like a hammer today.

Apparently everyone is figuring out that they are already bankrupt.

It was positive this morning and has now tanked.

It’s heading down to that 135 area.

If it breaks support at 134 it will really drop and then it’s in real trouble.

May 2, 2023

Spit Ball

Bank Bailouts

Even with the debt limit, if they begin printing money to bail these banks out then hyperinflation immediately commences and countries around the world dump the Federal Reserve Note like the BRICS are already doing.

Is that the plan?

Was it the plan from the beginning?

How do you destroy the global debt system and get rid of the Federal Reserve Note?

How do you “show” the people that bank bailouts should never happen again?

We are watching Trump’s Federal Reserve bring down the entire system.

May 2, 2023

Three new banks on the watchlist.

All three taking a beating and tied to FRC.


PacWest Bancorp


Western Alliance


Metropolitan Bank

Yellen isn’t in control of the Treasury just like Biden isn’t in control of the Executive branch.

Trump installed COG (Continuation of Government)

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  1. “I tried to finish my Substack but failed.

    Had a three day weekend and I have to admit I watched a lot of NFL draft and playoff hockey.”

    Hahaha, I am going to try and meet this guy face to face some day. My kind of guy.

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